SIA: Sunspots

Welcome to another week of SIA! This week’s inspiration is “Sunspots” by Swiss artist Cuno Amiet, and while this is a relatively easy piece to interpret, it’s great fun to see how varied all the outfits are. Let’s check them out:

First up is my co-host, Shelbee, who went with a lovely green printed kinomo and even added some lime green flowers in her hair to mimic the sunlight on the grass:

Up next is Sally, who wore her adorable rabbit-printed shirt with green pants:

My other co-host, Terri, had a slightly different interpretation – yes, there were green and white in her outfit, but she also wore a lot of gold accessories for the “sun” part:

Marsha also went with a different shade of green, but the print of her dress is gorgeous:

Suzy said green is her favorite color, and it shows – I love all the different shades of green she had here:

And finally, here’s me:

Big thanks to everyone for participating, and don’t forget to come back next week for a new challenge, hosted by Terri!


4 Comments on “SIA: Sunspots”

  1. I quite enjoyed all the shades of green in these interpretations!

  2. […] take on it. If you would like to participate in this challenge and have your photo included in Salazar’s round up post on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, be sure to email your photos to her by Tuesday, September 20, […]

  3. I love all of these looks! Probably because green is my favorite color ever and I love all things green! So many pretty prints and gorgeous color blocking for this one!


  4. I love all the looks. I couldn’t send you mine in time, because I was on my way back home from France.
    XO Reni

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