Bee Square

Here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Anne M. Bray’s “Scrappy Square” fabric art. After looking through the various squares, I ended up choosing Shelbee’s namesake, “ShelBee”, made from a scarf that she gave Anne and some bee-printed fabric (hence my post title). I went with my yellow skirt and gingham ruffled blouse to mimic the colors and patterns of the piece, and of course, I had to top it off with my bee brooch. (Also, you have may noticed the background change. We’re having some work done on the house and the front yard has been taken over by material. This lawn is not a bad replacement, but the grass tends to get high and there are bugs, which is why I prefer to stick to the yard.)

Don’t forget to drop by Shelbee’s blog on Wednesday to see what everybody wore this week!

5 Comments on “Bee Square”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! You nailed this square perfectly.

  2. Salazar, this outfit is absolutely perfect for the ShelBee Scrappy Square! I love your gingham top paired with that gorgeous yellow skirt. And of course, your bee brooch made my day! This whole outfit is so pretty and screams springtime to me!


  3. Hi, Salazar – You really managed to create an outfit that matches the materials in the artwork. Good job! – Angie,

  4. Very pretty outfit! I love the color in your skirt. Such a good match to the yellow in the block too.


  5. You look absolutely gorgeous, Salazar! And that photo of your twirling a little bit is stunning!
    Suzy xx

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