Second Chance

Remember these pants? I stupidly shrank them last year, and after trying to stretch them, I haven’t tried them on again to see how they turned out. Turns out they aren’t that bad. Not as bad as I’d imagined, anyway. They’re definitely shorter and less roomy in the legs than before, and not “dressy” enough for work anymore, but for casual wear, they’re still fine (I wore this to go shopping with my sister.) They were so shrunken that I was prepared to hand them down to my niece, so I’m just glad that they still fit.


2 Comments on “Second Chance”

  1. I actually like the look, shrink and all, lady I would wear these to work in a heartbeat! You look wonderful in them.

  2. K. Dotty says:

    It’s unfortunate when we do irreversible things to our clothing, but I’m not seeing anything wrong with these pants. Not the way you have styled them, at least. I do understand the ill-feeling of pants too fitting too tightly, so I applaud you for reusing them in casual wear!

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