A Drop Of Sunshine

This is it. I have reached peak-gray. I was going to wear this gray turtleneck with my leather jacket, but when I saw that it exactly matches my gray coat, I had to pair them together. I almost wore my charcoal gray jeans as well, but even I had to decide that would be pushing things too far (plus those jeans aren’t as warm as these black ones, and it was a freezing day). I added my yellow enamel brooch so I wouldn’t look like a walking concrete column, which… kinda worked, I guess?


2 Comments on “A Drop Of Sunshine”

  1. It really is a pretty pop of sunshine!! I love wearing charcoal, so this is a great style tip for me, thanks xx Maria

  2. mommyhon333 says:

    Your brooch truly is a ray of sunshine. I used to wear little pins on my coat all the time. Starting waaaaaay back in high school. I had a pin then that read “Eat a Worm Today”. Not sure what drew me to that pin but talk about a conversation piece. Ha! Then I moved to Panama for years and didn’t wear a coat. Now days, in El Paso, I don’t have lots of reason to wear a coat but I do have pins and brooches to adorn them when I do. Very cute monochromatic look and that yellow is perfect.

    When will the latest SIA piece be released? Can’t wait!

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