I was going to wear the red scarf today, but it’s a little colder than I thought, so I switched to my wool scarf. So yeah, I went back to my trusty palette of blue and gray (besides if I wore the red scarf it would look like I was celebrating the 4th of July even though I’m not from this country :P)

Skinny and coat: Forever21, remixed
Button-down: Target, remixed
Boot: Reflection, remixed
Striped shirt: thrifted (unknown brand)
Hat: Forever21 (finally found me a hat that works! Depending on the way I wear it, it either looks like a fedora or a boater.)
Scarf: handmade by my friend Ngan

Also, look what just arrived in the mail:

Vintage crocheted collars! From Etsy. And the shop owners even included a cute little thank-you note!

I was inspired by the lovely Maria of Lulu Letty (I’m going to feature her on my “Blog of the Week” some day) when she wore a lace collar with a Modcloth dress (expect to see the copycat version of it, I bought the exact same dress.)

Stay tune to see what I pair with these!

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