“I don’t rely on mirrors…”

“… so I always take polaroids.”

Yeah, that’s a quote from Clueless. I thought of it because today while I was trying to decide if my outfit looked OK or not, I took a picture instead of looking in the mirror. And yes, the photo works better.

And here is my outfit du jour:

Enjoy a view of my trash can!

Yeah that’s the same shirt from yesterday, but I’m going to a different place (school rather than internship) today so it doesn’t matter. And there’s a twist:

Yay collar!

Shirt: thrifted (unknown brand), remixed
Converse: Shoecity, remixed
Hat: Forever21, remixed
Jeans: who knows anymore, except that I brought it from home. Oh wait, I remember. My sister bought it for me!
Crocheted collar: Pickers Paradise via Etsy
Coat: Wet Seal


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