SIA: The Child’s Bath

Welcome to another week of SIA! This week, our inspiration is Mary Cassatt’s “The Child’s Bath”, and everybody brought out their best stripe-and-floral look, so let’s get to it!

First up is Jodie, her mom Charlotte, and her stepmom Nancy from Jodie’s Touch of Style, in matching striped dresses. How amazing are they?!

Up next is my co-host, Daenel, looking very breezy in an actual stripe-and-floral top and white jeans:

Shelbee chose to go more literal with a striped jumpsuit and a scarf to mimic the child’s towel:

My other co-host, Terri, had a slightly different interpretation, but I love the intricate pattern of her top, which mimics the pattern of the painting’s background:

Suzy claims this one was a challenge for her, but I think she did great. Quite a different interpretation too:

Reni looks very cool and funky in her striped trousers and printed top, don’t you think?

And finally, here’s me:

That wraps up another great week of SIA! Thank you for participating, and remember to check back next week for Daenel’s artwork of choice!

4 Comments on “SIA: The Child’s Bath”

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  2. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    Oh wow, everyone looks so great! What fun interpretations! I am dying over Jodie, Charlotte, and Nancy in their amazing matching striped dresses! Love those colors together!


  3. Jodie says:

    I just love how we all think so differently, yet it’s all the same painting!! Great inspiration here!!

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