A Year In Review: Favorite Outfits Of 2020

This year’s outfits have been… interesting. There are the comfy, work-from-home outfits earlier in the year, and then, as things normalized, I went in the opposite direction and dressed up quite a bit to make up for those months wearing nothing but pajamas for days. I’ve rediscovered colors and patterns and leaned more into the vintage-inspired style, so my outfits are more eclectic but also more fun.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite outfit of this year (more can be found in my “Favorite SIA” post):

This year is also the year I rediscovered thrifting and secondhand shopping, so I want to highlight some of my favorite all-thrifted outfits (a lot of the outfits above featured at least one thrifted items, but these are thrifted head-to-toe, or nearly so):

However, thrifting has also been a strain on my closet. I tried to clean it out, but it’s still absolutely stuffed to the brim. So, even though I’m not one to make New Year resolutions, I do have some resolution for 2021: I’m going to try to go no-buy or low-buy for clothes, shoes, and accessories. I literally have enough clothes to last me for years, and I don’t see my style/taste changing drastically, so I should wear what I already have instead of buying more. Let’s see if I can stick to it.

One Comment on “A Year In Review: Favorite Outfits Of 2020”

  1. Kezzie says:

    I think I need to do something similar- no buy or low-buy! Sooooo. Many. Clothes!
    You had so many beautiful outfits. I loved the yellow thrifted dress outfit and the lovely navy sweater with the navy patterned dress in your first sets of outfits! So many nice looks here.x

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