Bouquet Of Flowers

So here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Odilon Redon’s “Bouquet of Wild Flowers“. The colors are not exactly right, but I recently thrifted this dress (for $2!!!) and the floral print is perfect, so of course, I had to use it for SIA. I’m not quite sure about the black pumps – they make the look a little too Duchess of Cambridge for my style – but I wanted the dress to really shine, so I chose the most basic shoes. Next time maybe I’ll pair it with flats or boots to make it more casual.

Don’t forget to check out Kim’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this painting!

4 Comments on “Bouquet Of Flowers”

  1. Yes, that flower pattern is perfect. I love that you can wear what we use to call “shirtwaist” dresses. I use to make those and wore them with great love when I was a teen. That was a steal for $2. I’m so impressed that you have such good thrift shops in Vietnam. Here, it’s pretty common but I hear from others in different places that they are just not that common. Again, love this dress. Terri

  2. Such a pretty floral dress! And it captures the spirit of the painting so well!


  3. Kezzie says:

    Oh, I really like it!!! Your dress is so pretty and what a bargain! I like it with the pumps but I would also like it with boots!

  4. […] style – even if it doesn’t exactly match the inspiration, Odilon Redon’s “Bouquet Of Wild Flowers” picked by […]

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