Weekend Round-Up #79


Two adorable embroidered pieces – dress and cardigan (when I was about three or four my favorite shirt had an embroidered strawberry exactly like that – too bad it’s out of stock!)

Gemma Correll‘s drawings are the best.

I don’t usually wear rings, but I might just make an exception for this super cool set

What would Mad Men characters’ future look like? (I totally agree that Sally will turn into a punk, btw)

These detention slips are genius (also, her name is essentially Kate Winslett?!)


– Two articles from Cracked, week-old but too cool not to share: 6 mind-blowing substances (the metal that melts in your hand… what?!) and 7 modern ghost towns straight out of sci-fi movies.

– This is the best blog I’ve found this week also thanks to a Cracked article: Distractions in Space. It’s audio transcripts of what the astronauts say while they’re out in space. You’ll be surprised how little they actually talk about space.

– Why mantis shrimp is my new favorite animal (for example, did you know that their eyes have 16 types of color-receptive cones? In comparison, humans only have three – red, green, and blue. And their claws can basically create the Kamehameha Wave like in Dragon Ball?)

– This is hilarious: Mad Men recap, Facebook-styled (they also do Game of Thrones.)

– Finally, allow me to present… Mad Men as a CBS comedy (*cue laugh track*)

One Comment on “Weekend Round-Up #79”

  1. juli says:

    Thanks for the links! I pinned the dress onto my inspiration board. This would be a great embroidery project.

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