Film Still

So for this week’s SIA, inspired by Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled Film Stills” project, I knew I’d go black and white. The difficult part is to choose which image to base my outfit on. In the end, I decided to go with the image of the girl in the plaid skirt, because I have a similar one. My outfit is not an exact copy of hers – I added a waistcoat to darken it up a bit, to fit the look of the entire photograph, and my shoes are different – but I want to capture that schoolgirl feel of her outfit, and I think it worked out alright.

Don’t forget to check Shelbee’s blog on Wednesday to see what everybody wears!

Another Day, Another Waistcoat

Yeah, when I chose the “another day, another _” title formula, that’s when you know I’ve run out of ideas for post titles. Seriously though, these days, waistcoats are the easiest thing for me to add some interest to my outfits. Like this pussy-bow blouse on its own would look kind of fussy, but with the waistcoat to add a masculine touch, it all balances out. Also, I wasn’t going to wear a brooch at first, but then I saw this one while digging around my jewelry box and thought it would work – it matches the purple of the waistcoat and the polka dots of the blouse, plus her facial expression is totally me on a daily basis 😆

School Uniform

Since I started incorporating the waistcoat into my closet more, I’ve always wanted to pair a waistcoat with a skirt, but I hesitated because I thought it would look like a school uniform. This year, I got some new waistcoats and decided to give it another go. I realized the “school uniform” look is due to the fact that I tended to pair the waistcoat with plain white button-ups, so I went with a different shirt this time – it’s not that different from a plain white button-up, being a white pussy-bow blouse with black polka dots, but at least it worked! I leaned into the menswear element by tying the bow like a cravat and adding a pin to it (like a tie pin) to it, and I’m quite happy with the result. And you know what the irony is? For all my effort to not make the outfit look like a school uniform, this waistcoat was actual school uniform (it says “Shibetsu High School” on the buttons. Apparently it’s a school in Hokkaido.)


I’ve mentioned in a previous post that despite my love for menswear, I’ve never been drawn to the idea of a suit, because I like mixing patterns and textures too much to build an entire outfit around a suit (I prefer skirts over dresses for the same reason – more possibilities for mix-and-match.) Case in point: I bought this suit a while ago, but have never worn the blazer and pants together, partly because of my aforementioned aversion for pant suits, but also because I couldn’t think of what shirt to wear with them. Now that I’ve got this blouse that would add some interest to the outfit, I decided to take the plunge. The verdict? I didn’t hate it, but truth be told, I’d still prefer it if I was wearing them separately :))

Puss In Boots

Because I’m wearing a pussy bow blouse and boots, get it? I know, terrible. Anyway, a pussy bow blouse is one of those typically “vintage” pieces that I tend to stay away from, because it always strikes me as overly fussy – I like vintage style, but even with vintage, I still prefer clean lines and straightforward designs, and fussy things like bows, ruffles, and lace trims always make me feel sloppy and overwhelmed. However, this blouse is fairly straightforward, even with the bow, so I’m willing to give it a try. By pairing it with simple and slightly masculine pieces like here, I think I can balance out the fussiness.