Weekly Capsule 24.3: Staycation

blue plaid dress brown loafers boater hat by 14 shades of grey

Now that the school year is officially over, my outfits are going to be a lot more casual, and I can finally relax at home… Of course, in my case, that means putting in more hours at my freelance script reading job, finishing up my own translation and writing, and catching up on shows and movies I haven’t been able to watch (Miss Fisher and Hannibal, here I come.)

Speaking of which, thank the gods that I have Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell to fill my historical fantasy craving, because I’ve had it up to here with Game of Thrones. I’m not a book purist by any means (I haven’t even read all of the books), but at this point, it’s reduced to just a series of shocking moments with barely any logical plot/character development, and that makes me very mad.

blue plaid dress boater hat by 14 shades of greyblue plaid dress brown loafers by 14 shades of grey

blue plaid dress boater hat by 14 shades of grey

Dress: Sonoma (thrifted), Loafers: Footglove, Hat: local shop

Lazy Tree

When all the other bloggers (in the Northern hemisphere anyway) are talking about how they’re looking forward to the fall, I’m just looking forward to the end of the monsoon season. To be fair, it’s been cooler, but I’m pretty sure it’s because it rains all the freaking time. Good thing the rain stopped long enough today for me and Debbi to go to the tailor’s to pick up our new dresses. We then walked along the bank of Sword Lake, took pictures at this tree that lies almost horizontally across the water, and watched the young, unusually attractive tourists with envy. Seriously, why do the tourists around Sword Lake all look like they just step out of an American Apparel ad?

I made Debbi take my bag while she took picture…

… because I did not trust myself to make it across this without some sort of accident

Both – dresses: tailor-made, hats: shop in Hanoi
My sneakers: Payless, Debbi’s sandals: Birkenstock (I think?)

Familiar Stranger

This outfit seems so familiar to me, I had to look through my archives to make sure I haven’t worn it before. I indeed haven’t, but it probably feels that way because it has all the elements that feels the most “me”.

I wore this to visit Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum with Debbi. I haven’t been there since a school trip in my first grade. I’ll do a separate post of our entire outing tomorrow, but suffice to say, the place is every bit as awesomely bizarre as I remembered it. We also tried to recreate this Richard Avedon photo, but 1) I’m no model and 2) the steps I tried to jump off of are too high, so we only ended up with pictures of me looking like this:

Uh… is it safe?

Shirt: Forever21, Skirt & belt: thrifted
Oxfords: thrifted via Buffalo Exchange (I seem to be having a boater-hat-and-oxfords moment)

14 Shades Of Mint

Well, more like two – peppermint candy on top and minty fresh on the bottom. Totally unintentional. And this is also an unintentionally preppy outfit. I mean, stripes, oxfords, Bermuda shorts, and a boater hat. You don’t get much more preppy than that.

Today I took Debbi to the tailor’s to get a dress and a pair of shorts made for her, and a lightweight jersey dress for me. Then we got some delicious donuts from a street vendor, whom I regret not taking a picture of because she has such a nice smile.

Debbi pointed out that all of her pictures on the blog seem to be of her eating something. To be fair, it’s a good 60% of what we do when we go out.

Shirt: thrifted, Shorts: Express (thrifted and dyed)
Oxfords: thrifted via Buffalo Exchange, Hat: Vietnamese shop