The Little White Cloud That Cried

The weather has cooled down a tiny bit over the weekend – not enough for sweaters or layers yet, but at least it’s cool enough so I can wear things without sweating buckets. So to celebrate the end of summer (if not the beginning of fall), I’m bringing out my recently-thrifted saddle shoes. I’ve always wanted a pair, but as usual with me, I tend to like the idea of the thing more than the thing itself, so once I bought them, I was at a loss at how to style them in a more modern way. In the end, after taking some inspiration from this album, I decided, to hell with it, I’m just going to lean into the vintage look. I especially love the look of dresses paired with saddle shoes and socks (like this), so I put my own spin on it with these cloud socks. And the stripes on my dress look like rain too, so it works perfectly.