Blog Worthy

red striped shirt plaid scarf cap toe flats by 14 shades of grey

chambray shirt plaid scarf oxfords by 14 shades of grey

Recently the lovely Franziska of Franish has talked about “blog worthy” outfits, which got me thinking about the whole idea of dressing up for the sole purpose of taking pictures and posting them. I guess there’s a certain amount of dressing up on my blog, but that’s because if I didn’t dress up for the blog, I probably would take a leaf out of Jennifer Lawrence’s book 😛 I’ve mentioned this before, but putting on real clothes really puts me in the “work” mindset. When I’m working from home and there are distractions everywhere, I need all the help I can get to concentrate.

So yeah, I make sure that my outfits are “blog worthy”, but that for me simply means anything I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable wearing to an actual office or to go out. Sometimes I put more effort in, sometimes less so (like these two outfits for example). Just because I have the luxury of playing dress-up doesn’t mean that I’m going to be unrealistic about it and dress to the nines every day so I could have “blog worthy” photos.

red striped shirt plaid scarf by 14 shades of greyred striped shirt plaid scarf by 14 shades of grey

black jeans oxfords by 14 shades of greychambray shirt plaid scarf by 14 shades of grey

My dad bought this scarf for me from Cambodia; it’s a slightly modernized version of the traditional Cambodian krama (checkered scarf; Vietnamese people in the Mekong Delta also have something similar, though ours is more simple, usually just with black-and-white pattern.) I just looped it in a circle in the first outfit, and in the second one I used this knot.

chambray shirt plaid scarf by 14 shades of greychambray shirt plaid scarf by 14 shades of grey
Keep one side of the scarf longer. Loop this longer side twice and tuck the short side in until it’s hidden

chambray shirt plaid scarf by 14 shades of greychambray shirt plaid scarf by 14 shades of grey
Take the tip of the longer side and tuck it into the opposite side. Done!

Outfit #1: thrifted shirt & flats, Forever21 jeans, gift scarf
Outfit #2: thrifted shirt & oxfords, Target jeans, gift scarf

take one pass it on 10-11



red striped shirt black pleated skirt blue flower brooch by 14 shades of grey

I almost considered not dedicating a whole post to this outfit because it feels like very “standard Salazar” outfit: a striped shirt, A-line skirt, shoes with ankle straps, and a brooch. And it’s not even the best of this silhouette that I’ve put together. But then I realize, it’s good to have a standard outfit because it means that I’m getting closer to having a distinct look, and a distinct style. So here it is, even if it’s not the most memorable outfit I’ve worn on the blog.

red striped shirt black pleated skirt blue flower brooch by 14 shades of greyred striped shirt black pleated skirt blue flower brooch by 14 shades of grey

black pleated skirt brown sandals by 14 shades of greyred striped shirt blue flower brooch by 14 shades of grey

Head to toe thrifted

Take One, Pass It On is still going strong!

take one pass it on 09

Lucky Color

red coat wide-leg jeans heeled loafers by 14 shades of grey

I actually wore this last weekend when my sister and I went back to our hometown for a cousin’s engagement party. It was a very casual affair, not to mention we had to spend nearly 6 hours in the car, round-trip, hence the jeans. I still wanted to look celebratory though, so I picked my red coat – after all, it’s a color associated with good luck and celebration in most Eastern culture. In fact, in Vietnam, when somebody is lucky, we say that they have “red fortune.” Also, I’ve been wearing a lot of neutrals lately, so some color is good. As it turned out, the day was too warm for a heavy coat. Good thing I was wearing my red striped shirt too.

red coat red striped shirt by 14 shades of greyred coat red striped shirt wide-leg jeans by 14 shades of grey

wide-leg jeans heeled loafers by 14 shades of greyred coat vintage gold brooch by 14 shades of grey

Coat: Forever21 (thrifted), Top: thrifted
Jeans: hand-me-down, Heels: Payless, Brooch: vintage

The Most Disagreeable Month

Meg in Little Women says that “November is the most disagreeable month in the whole year,” and I think I agree with her. It’s been gloomy and dreary, not exactly cold, but always overcast; my niece is sick again, and everybody is away on business so it’s only my sister and me to take care of her; the winter holiday seems too far away (especially when we don’t have Thanksgiving or Christmas, and the Lunar New Year is not until next February), plus there’s that nagging, disappointing feeling you get every year when it’s the end of the year and you haven’t accomplished much. So to counteract that, I decided to put on the most colorful outfit I could. It may have been a bit of an overkill, but sometimes the situation calls for drastic measures.

Shirt & skirt: thrifted, Flats: Payless, Brooch: vintage

Schooldays Are Over

One of the results of Debbi’s unexpected departure is that I won’t have any set plan from now until the end of the year. I probably have a teaching assistant job waiting for me, but that won’t start until next semester. So I guess I’m just going to prepare for another NaNoWriMo and enjoy being able to wear casual clothes until I have to start dressing like a teacher (thank God it’s a film school so I won’t have to be too formal.)

Of course Taco made an appearance…

Shirt: Forever21, Skirt: thrifted
Flats: Payless, Necklace: Silk Purse, Sow’s Ear

Mountain Uniform

This is just to give you an idea of what I practically lived in during the past week – long-sleeved striped shirt (I do have a lot of those, as weirdly specific as that may sound), a cardigan, jeans, and boots. Sometimes with a scarf thrown in. Simple, functional, reasonably cute.

Red shirt: thrifted, Blue shirt: H&M, Scarf: Target
Cardigan: navy – Wet Seal, mustard – thrifted, grey – Forever21
Jeans: H&M and Forever21, Boots: Payless

14 Shades Of Mint

Well, more like two – peppermint candy on top and minty fresh on the bottom. Totally unintentional. And this is also an unintentionally preppy outfit. I mean, stripes, oxfords, Bermuda shorts, and a boater hat. You don’t get much more preppy than that.

Today I took Debbi to the tailor’s to get a dress and a pair of shorts made for her, and a lightweight jersey dress for me. Then we got some delicious donuts from a street vendor, whom I regret not taking a picture of because she has such a nice smile.

Debbi pointed out that all of her pictures on the blog seem to be of her eating something. To be fair, it’s a good 60% of what we do when we go out.

Shirt: thrifted, Shorts: Express (thrifted and dyed)
Oxfords: thrifted via Buffalo Exchange, Hat: Vietnamese shop