The Pensieve

Back in April, Ana of Better in Sepia wrote that she found her blog the target of some malicious comments on a website whose sole purpose is to make fun of style bloggers. Yesterday I happened to come across that website, or one very similar to it. Though it hardly came as a surprise to me (people will always find ways to make themselves feel better than others), I still marvel at how those people can find the time to do so.

However, they do put things in perspective for me. A big part of their reason for hating style bloggers is that they think all style bloggers are obsessed with consumerism, shallow, and vain (of course, they don’t realize that their bashing is just as self-centered.) But – and I’m not trying to make excuses for that website or its readers here – I can kindasorta see where they got that impression from. The only thing I can do is to make sure that I don’t come across that way on my blog.

I don’t deny that there was a bit of egotism in my reason to start the blog, and I do want to promote it (if I didn’t I would’ve made it private), but in the end – for me at least – it’s just another hobby, a way to express myself as myself and not as a character in my scripts. And when the blog became less of an outlet and more of a chore, I would simply take a break.

Sorry if it’s a bit of a rant, but like I said, this blog is my own personal Pensieve. Only I have to type instead of pointing a wand at my temple and pull out my thoughts (that would’ve been time-saving though!)

Shirt: New York & Co., thrifted
Cardigan: Bloomingdales thrifted, remixed
Jeans: Charlotte Russe, remixed
Loafers: Payless thrifted, remixed
Necklace: self-made

Focus, Damn It!

My 17-50mm lens is so frustrating. OK, it’s maybe not its fault, but it doesn’t zoom anymore, and whenever I take my pictures in front of the bookshelf, it will focus on the bookshelf instead of me. And I tried to focus it with the manual focus beforehand, but it’s hard to do when the lens is so wide and doesn’t zoom. So annoying.

Anyway, one out-of-focus picture:

Cardigan: Bloomingdale’s thrifted, remixed
Shirt: from home
Skinny pants: Urban Outfitters (it was hot today so I didn’t feel like wearing jeans)
Flats: Payless

OK, I’m out. Like I said, it’s hot, and I have a bunch of things to hand-wash. Fun times.

Books, Sandwich & Writers’ Group

About a year ago (was it a year? Six months? I honestly don’t remember), I was introduced to this wonderful used book sale at the local library by my friend Debbi. It is the reason why I have to store books in shoe boxes under my bed now (no joke! I don’t even have the space in my room for an extra bookshelf anymore.) And ever since then, it’s been our monthly routine of going to the book sale then hitting a nearby diner for lunch afterward. Now we added to that routine a Writers’ Group meeting, where some of us will get together and set deadlines for each other to keep us writing (but it’s more an excuse for us to hang out now that we don’t see each other in school anymore – not all of us take the comic book writing class.)

Anyway, pictures:

Books and Debbi and ham and cheese grilled sandwich 😀

It’s a weird selection of books, I know. I forgot to include a coffee-table book about France too. But hey, I got it all for $4.50, so I’ll continue to go to the book sale and continue to store books under my bed.

And my outfit (pic taken by Debbi):

Smiley enough for ya?

Tunic: Handmade Gift Shop, remixed
Skinny: Forever21, remixed
Cardigan: Bloomingdales thrifted
Bag: Payless (it’s not my everyday bag, I’m a backpack person)
Coat (you can’t see it but it’s in the picture so…): H&M, birthday gift from my sister (4 years ago?)

This Is The Last Time

(Named after a song by Keane.)

I went to a different Goodwill today and had a pretty good haul, so this might be my last shopping/thrifting trip for a while. Here are what I got:

Let’s see now. Colored cardigans? Check. Dresses? Check. Skirt? (with pockets, finally!) Check. More prints? Check. I think I’m good.

What do you guys think? Any suggestion as to how to pair these pieces with what I’ve already got?