A Parliament Of Owls

This week’s SIA outfit, inspired by one of the “soundsuits” by artist and sculptor Nick Cave, took me some thinking. The crocheted granny squares on the suit could be a jumping-off point, but I have nothing similar in my closet. In the end, I just pulled out the most colorful and outrageous piece I have – this top – and relied on the accessories to bring in some of the colors and textures of the inspiration piece.

I noticed that there are a lot of figurines of birds, especially owls, on the suit, so I brought out all the owl brooches I own. I have a couple more “bird” brooches, but I wanted to maintain some sense of cohesion in the outfit, so I’m sticking with owls. And for that same reason, I kept the rest of the outfit simple. I guess I could try some pattern-mixing or something more “wild”, but I think it’s more important to keep the outfit wearable than to make it as close to the inspiration as possible.

Clown Shirt

One of the advantages of thrift/secondhand shopping is that it allows me to experiment with fashion more. Take this top, for example: I wouldn’t buy it new, but when I saw it in a thrift store for relatively cheap, I decided to take a chance. It’s definitely a statement top though, so I kept the rest of the outfit simple. A pair of skinny jeans would’ve balanced the fullness of the top, but I don’t have any skinny jeans with a high enough waist to tuck in the top, so these boyfriend jeans would have to do for now. Still, the puff sleeves are on trend right now, and combined with the colorful plaid, it just makes me smile, so I’m looking forward to wearing this top more.