Retro + Modern

This outfit is a testament to how weird this summer has been: it’s inconceivable that I was still able to wear these pair of thick jeans, this top with its high collar and long sleeves, and these shoes, and all these dark colors, in May. I wanted to wear this top again because I’ve been struggling to style it – the collar gives me a retro, 1960s vibe, but it’s a bit big on me, and so far, the only way I can think of to wear it has been to tuck it into bottoms. Here I tried to match the maroon cuffs and stripes to my maroon shoes, and balance the slightly fussy design of the top with the simpler, more streamlined bottom. It works, but I’m still looking for more ways to make this top more versatile.

Maroon 3

This is another skirt I bought last year but didn’t get to wearing until now. It’s not because of the fabric (it’s a nice heavy cotton and can be worn any time), but rather because of the color. I bought it off of a live stream sale on Facebook, and on my monitor, it looked deep red – not as deep as it is now, but certainly not the bright, tomato red it turned out to be. (Incidentally, it was also my first and last time buying things off of a live stream sale – everything goes so quickly and you get so caught up in the high of “scoring” something cheap that you forget to check things carefully, so in the end, the cheap prices are not really worth it.)

So the skirt languished in my closet for nearly a year, as I couldn’t figure out a way to style it without looking like a walking hazard lights switch. Then I came across this article on over-dyeing, and by a stroke of luck, I still had some navy dye lying around, so I decided to try it. To my happy surprise, the skirt came out in this rich maroon shade that fits right in with my closet. It matches the cuffs of this blouse exactly, so of course I had to pair them together, along with my maroon shoes as well (hence the post title.)