Bigger Trees Near Warter

My last outfit post in the US! It’s for this week’s Style Imitating Art, which is inspired by David Hockney’s Bigger Trees near Warter:

The painting is super cool, but really difficult to translate into an outfit. I did my best to pick out the colors and used pattern mixing to mimic the lines, but only when I remembered my tree pendant (luckily I hadn’t packed it away yet!) that I felt the outfit was complete.

That’s it for me then! The first guest post will be up tomorrow, and hopefully I will see you guys in a week (depending on how jet-lagged I am.)

Shirt: Walmart, Necklace: gift shop in Poland
Skirt & belt: thrifted, Sandals: Easy Spirit (thrifted)

The Wall

So today’s location isn’t very interesting, but because the outfit itself is kinda busy, I kept it simple. Although while I was taking these photos there was this creepy dude standing outside his door staring at me the entire time. I thought by now I would be used to the stares, but this guy was… something else. Note to self: don’t go back to this location.

Oh and, today’s 21 Day Challenge prompt is “Pattern Mixing.” It doesn’t matter that I just did the Everybody Everywear challenge – this was actually the outfit I’d planned for it, before I changed my mind – because I always like pattern mixing. The mixing is a little more subtle in this one, since the gingham is so fine it appears almost like a solid from afar.

Shirt: Gap thrifted, remixed
Skirt: thrifted, remixed
Shoes: Mudd thrifted, remixed
Belt: thrifted
Necklace: vintage

The Journey Is More Important Than The End Or The Start

Well, this is it, people. The final outfit of my 33×33 Remix Challenge. Cue fireworks! Those were two long months, but I’m finally finished. Now I can welcome back the rest of my wardrobe with opened arms.

I will post a recap tomorrow, but my thought after my first ever remix is: it’s fun while it lasts, but the past week has felt like the last few weeks of a semester, when you’re crawling on your bellies through all the homework and papers that have piled up, trying to finish them before the end, with only the approaching holiday as your light at the end of the tunnel. So yeah, it’s fun, but I’m not doing it again any time soon.

Oh and, I’d planned to do some kind of fun pose like jumping or something to, you know, celebrate. But my camera remote chose this morning, of all mornings, to die. As if it knew. And wanted to mock me. So I made do using the camera’s timer, but I didn’t trust my manual focus skill for an action shot.

Shirt: Express thrifted, remixed
Skirt: thrifted, remixed
Shoes: Madden Girl thrifted, remixed
Belt: thrifted
Bracelet: self-made (5 minutes stringing together leftover beads)

P/S: The post title is from Linkin Park’s “Enth E Nd.” It seems like an appropriate choice, since it’s a remix of their song “In The End.” Get it? 😀

I Shall Conquer This. I Shall!

Yesterday I said I would take a break from the 33×33 remix, but after a good night’s sleep, I decided to trudge through. Well, “trudge” might be too grim of a word. “Finish the race” sounds a little better. I still feel a little like I’m in a style rut, but hopefully after doing laundry and getting some of my workhorse pieces cleaned, I can get back on track. Plus now that I’m at outfit 20 already I really want to get it done (and not just because I’ve set my shopping ban deadline to be when I’m finished with the remix!)

Also, today I’m dressing to highlight my broad shoulders and strong neck, as part of Academichic’s Dress Your Best. The obvious choice would be a boat-necked or sleeveless top, but I don’t like sleeveless, and don’t have any boat-necked top in my remix list, so I decided on a puff-sleeved top with a detail that draws attention to my neck.

On a side note – to explain the post title (because honestly, you won’t know it unless you’re a costume drama buff), watch this video. Fast forward to about 7:57 if you have to. But why would you? And why aren’t you watching the entire series? Go ahead, I’ll be here waiting with a copy of “The King’s Speech” 😀

Dress worn as top: thrifted, remixed
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Walmart thrifted, remixed
Belt: Forever21
Brooch: vintage via Collectible Glitz