Peach Blossoms

Happy the Year of the Ox! The Year of the Rat has been truly horrendous, so hopefully with the Ox, traditionally associated with patience and hard work, we’re going to have a better year. I have to admit, the start is less than auspicious – we’re still in lockdown mode (there is no official lockdown in our country; they just lock down individual streets and neighborhoods where cases have been found, but my family decides we’d rather be safe than sorry, so we’re celebrating the Lunar New Year at home). Still, we can hope, right?

This outfit is from several weeks ago, but it looks like a peach tree in blossom, our traditional New Year decoration, so I thought it would be appropriate.

Palm Beach

Remember my co-worker who had to cancel his wedding back in March due to the pandemic? Well, he and his wife still got married in March but moved their reception to July (luckily, before we were hit with the second wave), so this is what I wore. I bought this dress a while ago from one of the first vintage stores I found in Hanoi but never got around to wearing it until now because it’s too dressy for everyday wear.

The dress has enough visual interest on its own so I just pair it with a belt (thrifted) and my cut-out heels (also thrifted) to mimic the embroideries on the hem.The palm tree may make this more appropriate for a beach wedding though – a vintage beach wedding, in fact. All I need is a straw cloche and I could pretend I’m a wedding guest on Coney Island or Brighton Beach in the 1930s.

Attitude, Attitude

For this week’s SIA, inspired by Gustav Klimt’s portrait of Mada Primavesi, I knew immediately I’d wear this dress, as its bluish, grayish color is perfect to mimic the dress of the little girl in the painting. The accessorizing, however, took some thinking. The shoes were easy enough – these vintage cut-out heels can reflect some of the colors and intricacy of the background – but I wanted something to mimic the floral motif as well. In the end, I decided to accessorize with this cotton handkerchief. It’s one of my recent thrifted finds; I can tie it, Karate Kid-style, as I bike to work to prevent sweat from falling into my eyes or use it as a make-shift mask, and the print is pretty enough to add a touch of interest to the outfit.

Don’t forget to check Daenel’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this painting!

Castaways And Cutouts

As I mentioned in my post last week, I’ve resolved to only buy secondhand from now on, including accessories and shoes. However, I’ve discovered that the business for secondhand shoes in Vietnam is not as thriving as for clothes – I haven’t found a lot of secondhand stores that sell shoes, and those that do only carry tiny sizes. But it doesn’t matter. I have enough shoes, and it makes it much more special when I found a pair that I like and fit me – like these cutout heels, for example. (And of course, that’s why I title my post after an album by The Decembrists. There are cutouts on my shoes and my shirt, and my shoes are kind of castaways, being secondhand and all.) I keep the rest of the outfit simple, since I think the shoes provide enough interest.