Cardigan Weather

I’m putting my waistcoats aside for a bit (just a bit!) because the weather has cooled down some more, enough for cardigans. I’ve been watching Foyle’s War for fall/winter inspiration, and I’m loving all the casual 1940s outfits, especially the knitwear. (Home Fires is another series with a lot of lovely 1940s fashion, but I couldn’t get into the story. The fashion in Foyle’s War is rather drab – after all, a WWII series about a police officer is bound to be drab compared to a WWII series about the Women’s Institutes – but I prefer the murder mysteries and the characters.) Anyway, here’s my version of it. Yes, that’s another white blouse with an embroidered collar. Even though we’re heading into winter, I’m thinking ahead to my summer wardrobe next year as well. Maybe I should start watching Poirot for some inspiration.

Summer Uniform

As the heat and the humidity increase, I’m reaching for my usual summer items – wide-leg pants and short-sleeve tops. Dresses and skirts are worn less frequently because they require bike shorts underneath, and even accessories are kept to a minimum because most of my summer tops can’t take the weigh of brooches. Instead, I jazz up my outfits with embroidered pieces and “cooling” color combo, like this white + green. This year, though, I’m adding something new by using casual 1940s fashion for my inspiration. Usually, I reserve my vintage-inspired silhouettes for the fall/winter, when I can layer and play around, but summer looks can be vintage too – like this top, which is vaguely 1930s-1940s with its Peter Pan collar and embroideries. I keep it more modern by mixing up the decades, pairing it with the cropped pants and clog sandals, but the inspiration is there.