Silver Blaze

Look, I’m out of ideas for post titles and there are silver flowers on my tie and silver on my shoes and The Return of Sherlock Holmes was on TV, OK? Anyway, here’s my continuing experiment with ties and waistcoats. I like the idea in general – and I’m definitely getting better at tying ties – but this waistcoat is too short and my pants are not high-waist enough, so the proportion looks a bit off. I wanted to stick to the navy color scheme so the tie can really shine though, and my paper-bag pants looked even more off with the waistcoat. Well, that’s why it was an experiment.


I’ve always wanted a cloisonne brooch. There is something about the look of cloisonne that screams “vintage” to me (not surprising, since the technique has been around since antiquity), and the designs often have a touch of Art Nouveau about them, which I love. So I was quite excited to find this brooch – between the cloisonne, the floral design, and the cutouts, it’s just so me. I paired it with a simple outfit so it can really shine, but I’m thinking it could work on a more maximalist outfit too. Let’s wait until fall/winter and see if I could wear it more.

Salazar In The Garden

For this week’s SIA, inspired by Carl Larsson’s “Karin at the Shore“, I knew I’d wear this floral waistcoat, as it’s perfect for the flowers in the painting – in fact, I think it even features the same lilies as the painting! For the rest of the outfit, I didn’t want anything too dark and heavy (it is the summer, after all), but I did want to reference the woman’s dress in some way. In the end, I went with this white lace top and navy pants, because if you look closely, there are white lace trims on her dress. The shoes were, I admit, an afterthought, so I just picked what went well with the outfit rather than referencing the painting, but this pair is neutral enough so they’re all right. All in all, I’m quite pleased with how the outfit turned out.

If you haven’t send me your outfits, you still have until tomorrow, and don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see how everybody did!

It’s Cooler Down Below

Here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Austin Cooper’s 1924 posters for the London Underground. As suggested by the title, I took my inspiration mostly from the “cooler” poster, rather than the “warmer” poster. I didn’t go for the exactly colors, but the pattern on this short-sleeve sweater is a perfect match for the graphic of the poster, and I paired it with my navy pants for the “cooler” part. The blazer doesn’t really match the colors of the poster either, but it’s a match for the pattern on the sweater, so I added it for some extra patterns and textures. All in all, I’m quite pleased with this outfit, and I can’t wait to see what everybody does – make sure to check out the round-up post on Wednesday!

Don’t Mesh With Me

I’m sorry for that terrible pun of a title. It sounds like a bad Sean Connery (RIP) impression. Anyway, the reason for the pun is, of course, I’m wearing mesh socks. This year, my fall/winter style is leaning decidedly toward a more vintage look, I still haven’t forgotten some of my favorite pairings from last season, especially the funky socks looks. So here is another outfit with socks, except I’m experimenting with mesh socks this time. They’re not especially comfortable to wear (maybe because I got the cheap kind), but they’re fun and different from my usual printed socks, so I’ll give them a few more tries.