Blue Snail

Between all the earth tones this summer, it looks like I’m neglecting my favorite color – navy blue – a little bit. Well, here am I, rectifying that with another thrifted blue linen top. I paired it with my trusty blue printed culottes, which I’m still having trouble pairing with any top that is not blue or white, and added my snail brooch for a touch of interest. The real interest, though, is in the back – this top has a back of blue-striped cotton, so there was a bit of unintentional pattern mixing there too. Speaking of which, I haven’t tried my hands at pattern mixing in a while. I should get back into that.

Too Hot To Function

Is summer over yet? No? This summer seems particularly long, probably because I still have to go to work. I’m proctoring our school’s entrance exams this week, which I’m not looking forward to at all. And of course, the temperature decides to go up to 100+ for the whole week. So this outfit is the best I can do while still maintaining some form of professionalism. I mean, if I’m going to spend 6 hours sitting around with nothing to do except to stare at a bunch of sweaty, nervous kids, I might as well be comfortable.

Addicted To Wide-Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants are definitely my go-to this summer. I’ve worn them before, of course, but this year the stores are really saturated with them, making it that much easier to choose (or harder, if you’re plagued by indecision like me.) That said, these pants are actually custom-made by a tailor. I went with my mom to the fabric market back in April and bought a bunch of fabrics for my new summer wardrobe. The shirtdress I wore a couple of weeks ago was one of the items I got made from those fabrics, and these pants/culottes are another. Normally I don’t get pants custom-made because they’re easy to find (unlike dresses), but this pattern is just too cool to pass up.

This photo is actually an outtake – the timer went off before I reached my mark – but it looks cool so I kept it in