Twinkle Twinkle

In my attempt to wear my brooches more often, I’ve been searching for different placements for them. Wearing them on my tops and on the lapels of my jackets may be classic, and clustering them is also fun, but they can get repetitive after a while. So while playing around with my brooches, I came up with a new idea – wearing them on my shoes! Of course, to prevent the pin from damaging the shoes, this would only work if the shoes have some sort of buckle or lace or, like here, the piece across the vamp (which I learn is called the saddle), so the brooch can be pinned around it. Still, it’s a fun way to make use of my brooches, and I’ll be sure to try it more often.

(There are stars on my shirt, so naturally I had to wear my star brooch. I’ve never been one to turn down theme dressing.)

New Skirt

Last season, I bought a bunch of spring/summer skirts but haven’t gotten around to wearing them until now. Usually, I don’t wear skirts much in the summer, because between the waistbands and the bike shorts, it gets too hot, but this year the summer has been milder than usual, so here we are. I mean, they all have pockets, so I’m going to wear them more often.

This skirt is pretty basic, so the outfit didn’t require a lot of thinking. Mostly it was just a case of “Oh it’s raining, I’d better wear my water-proof shoes”, and “Hey, I haven’t worn this doggy button-up in a while, I bet it’ll go with the skirt.” It’s good that almost everything in my closet goes together now, so I can pretty much just throw things on.