Getting Jabbed

I wore this to get my first dose of COVID vaccination. I wasn’t going to photograph this – basically I just wore something sleeveless and comfy – but then I thought, “Hey, this doesn’t look half bad”, and decided to add the belt to make it more blog-worthy. Besides, I’d take any chance to get dressed up these days.

It’s a relief to get vaccinated, though I know I’m privileged to even get it at all – most of our vaccines are reserved for other parts of the country, where the outbreak is much worse, but as a teacher, I’m one of the prioritized groups. Besides, my mom hasn’t been able to get vaccinated yet due to her medications, so I’m doing what I can to keep her safe.

Culottes To The Rescue

As the weather starts warming up, I find myself reaching for culottes more and more. They’re just as flowy as skirts but comfier because they don’t require a pair of bike shorts underneath. And they come with pockets more often than skirts! Take this pair, for example. I told myself I already have a navy skirt and several pairs of wide-leg navy pants, I don’t need another pair of navy bottom, but in the end, the culottes still won. But it’s OK, since they’re basic and go with everything, so I expect to wear them a lot.