white eyelet top navy pants beige sandals by 14 shades of grey

I wore this to see Captain America: Civil War last weekend (yes, we got it a week earlier than the US, neener-neener) and as you can see from my red, white, and blue outfit, I’m firmly on #teamcap. As for the movie, I certainly enjoyed it more than the mess that is Age of Ultron, but it definitely suffers from the “too many superheroes” problem. I could have done without Vision, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, and War Machine (Falcon is awesome, and Ant-Man and the new Spider-Man are funny, so I’ll let them slide, even though I am so fed up with yet another Spidey, and Black Panther is pretty important to the plot so he can stay too.) On the other hand, I could have done with more Black Widow, who is criminally underused here. But then again, everything could have done with more Black Widow.

white eyelet top navy pants beige sandals by 14 shades of greywhite eyelet top navy pants by 14 shades of grey

white eyelet top red flower brooch by 14 shades of greynavy pants beige sandals by 14 shades of grey

Top & Pants: Mango, Sandals: Aldo, Brooch: vintage

Brooklyn (2015)

I didn’t watch the Oscars this year. Every year I care less and less about the nominations, and this year the only Best Picture nominee I’m interested in is Mad Max: Fury Road. Now add Brooklyn to that list as well. I finally watched it last weekend, and even though I don’t think it stood a chance of winning an Oscar (it’s just not that kind of movie), I still think it’s great.

The story is very simple: Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) is a young woman who immigrates from her small Irish town to Brooklyn in the 1950’s, and has to struggle to build a new life there. Things are finally looking up for her after she meets and falls in love with Tony (Emory Cohen), when a tragedy brings her back to Ireland, and she must decide where her home truly is.




There is not much else to it, really. But I think the movie perfectly captures that sense of loneliness and bewilderment when you are, for the first time in your life, halfway across the world from your home and among strangers, and the slightly guilty feeling when you finally settle down and aren’t sure where your home is anymore. It’s a sweet and charming little film, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.




And of course, the costumes are gorgeous. I want Eilis’ entire wardrobe. And the wallpaper in her mom’s living-room too.





Weekly Capsule 52.1: Come To The Dark Side

gray sweatshirt red scarf black jeans black boots by 14 shades of grey

I wore this last week to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I must’ve been subconsciously influenced by the movies, because as I was taking photos, I realized these were the colors of the “dark side” – black and red.

gray sweatshirt red scarf black jeans by 14 shades of greyCome to the dark side… We have cookies.

This is a bit embarrassing to confess, but up until last week, I had never seen the original Star Wars trilogy all the way through. I’ve seen bits and pieces on TV, and of course I knew all about the pop culture significance, but I never watched the entire thing. So before the new movie, I did a marathon of Episode IV, V, and VI (I like to pretend that the prequels didn’t happen). Now, usually when I watch these classic movies so late in the game, I would appreciate them but never become a fan. With Star Wars, though, I was completely won over. It’s epic and exciting and funny and everything that the nerd in me loves. So much so that by the time I saw The Force Awakens, I was tearing up at the opening scroll.

Needless to say, I freaking love the movie (already saw it twice.) Rey is badass (please please please don’t give her a romance in the next films), Finn and Poe are adorable, and all the callbacks to originals are great. I’ve heard complaints that it is too similar to Episode IV, but I think it’s a smart choice – it caters to fans of the originals while ushering in a new generation at the same time.

My only quibble is Adam Driver as the bad guy. He’s too cute to be the new Darth Vader. But, depending on his arc over the trilogy, he may turn out OK. We’ll see. Still, what’s with the casting of these young hipster actors as sci-fi villains anyway? Like Jesse Einsenberg as Lex Luthor, WTF?

gray sweatshirt red scarf black jeans black boots by 14 shades of grey gray sweatshirt black jeans black boots by 14 shades of grey

Sweatshirt & Jeans: local shops, Scarf: Icing, Boots: Hush Puppies

Weekly Capsule 43.1: Crimson Peak

gray embroidered cardigan black skirt black heels by 14 shades of grey

Even though it’s still in the upper 80’s here, it’s been crisper in the morning and at night, and during the day the sun feels more warm than burning, so I’m taking advantages of that to wear my cardigans – like this new one – and lightweight sweaters when I can. If I wait until it gets properly cold, they may never see the light of day.

In other news, I saw Crimson Peak last Saturday and quite enjoyed it. I find the story lacking, but the costume and production design are truly, truly breathtaking in that creepy, Gothic kind of way (Jessica Chastain looks like she just stepped out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting. Especially toward the end.) The set actually reminded me a lot of Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula – a quick Imdb search confirms that the two movies indeed have the same production designer. And Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Hunam are not terrible to look at either, so it’s definitely an eye candy, even if the story itself is not that great.

gray embroidered cardigan black skirt black heels by 14 shades of greygray embroidered cardigan black skirt by 14 shades of grey

gray embroidered cardigan by 14 shades of greyblack skirt black heels by 14 shades of grey

Cardigan: local shop, Skirt: hand-me-down, Shoes: Esprit

Weekly Capsule 28.3: Begin Again

blue print blouse linen pants brown loafers by 14 shades of grey

I’m not a fan of Keira Knightley. She’s not on my Irrational Hate List or anything, but I tend to foam at the mouth every time somebody brings up her version of Pride and Prejudice or Anna Karenina. Not just because perfect adaptations of those books already exist, but also because I don’t know why she keeps getting cast in period pieces. Just because she’s an English rose doesn’t mean that she fits those roles (the exceptions are the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which are not meant to be historically accurate anyway, and Atonement and The Imitation Game – her look does fit the 1940’s.)

To prove my point: I just caught Begin Again on TV the other day, and actually liked her in it. Well, the movie is really charming, and Mark Ruffalo helped a lot, but for once Keira Knightley doesn’t annoy me with her “wrinkled nose” brand of acting. She’s much more believable as a hipster, I think. And aside from the music, I really, really like her character’s style, which I tried to recreate with this outfit – high-waist linen pants, blouse, and flats.

blue print blouse linen pants by 14 shades of greyblue print blouse linen pants brown loafers by 14 shades of grey

linen pants brown loafers by 14 shades of greyblue print blouse gold necklace by 14 shades of grey

Top: Zalora, Pants: Mango, Loafers: Footglove, Necklace: Lia Sophia