Brace! Brace!

(Sorry about the post title, I’ve run out of “suspend” puns.) I’ve worn this top with these trousers before, but not with this jacket, and not with these suspenders. I wanted a dark top to show off the suspenders, and since the maroon top and the trousers go so well together… Anyway, I’ve been looking for a pair of suspenders with these leather – loops? Hooks? I don’t know what you call them – for a while, so I’m super happy to have found these. They always strike me as more vintage-looking than the plain ones with the clips. Of course, if I want to go really old-school, I’d go for the buttoned ones (meaning they attach to your trousers by buttons, not clips), but those are a pain to do up, so I’ll stick to these for now.

Jewel Tones

Other than the fact that pastel colors look horrible on me, but I’ve always had a hard time figuring out what colors actually look good on me. I know what colors I like, but they may not always be flattering. According to the “seasonal color analysis”, I’m an autumn, but I can’t remember all the colors that supposedly look good on an autumn – I can’t carry about a bunch of color swats whenever I go shopping, can I? All I can remember that earth tones work for me. But lately, I’ve figured out that jewel tones work too. I’ve worn a lot of deep red (purplish red, brownish red, maroon, burgundy, whatever you want to call them) and emerald green, though usually not close to my face, so here’s an all-jewel tone outfit, to remind myself to wear them more often.

Why I’m Not A Vintage Style Blogger

Despite my love for vintage fashion (especially 1940s style), I’ve never called myself a vintage style blogger, mostly because I don’t dress exclusively in vintage style, and because my outfits are far from authentic. I’m not talking about authentic pieces – I mean, if I had an authentic 1940s piece, I would wrap it up in tissue paper and put it away, not wear it! – but rather the whole look. I can achieve the authentic silhouette easily enough, but my hair and makeup can never be up to spec. I don’t care about makeup much, but I’d love to be able to try some simple 1940s hairstyle to elevate my outfits. Unfortunately, my hair is so straight and thin that it refuses to be styled in any way other than “away from face and neck” (seriously, neither bobby pin or hairspray sticks to my hair – even the headscarf look on Monday took me a while, because the scarf kept slipping off), so in the end, I just don’t bother. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I guess I just prefer to keep my hair and makeup minimalistic so my outfits could be more versatile.

Short Sleeve Sweater And A Slice Of Pizza

This fall/winter season, I’ve been loving the short-sleeve sweaters/knit tops. I’ve worn them last year too, but this year I’ve found several secondhand/vintage ones that really help to solidify my 1940s-inspired style. I’m aiming for tops like these or these, but those can be difficult to find. I tend to look better in something more streamlined anyway, so a simple cut like this one works well – it can look vintage or modern depending on how I style it.

As for the “slice of pizza” part? Well, my niece and nephew said that my brooch looks just like a slice of pizza, and I haven’t been able to unsee it since :)) I actually don’t know what my brooch is supposed to be, probably just an abstract design, but a “golden slice of pizza” certainly sounds better.