Queen Of The Jungle

Here’s another velvet blazer-and-dress outfit with the same dress, just a different blazer this time. I noticed that the color of this dress is echoed in the print of the blazer, so I thought they would go well together. I opted to keep the rest of the outfit simple (i.e. not adding a brooch to it) because I’m terrified of damaging the velvet with the brooch. Luckily, this blazer is already so focus-pulling, so the outfit still has enough interest without any accessories.

Normal People

Earlier last year, like many people stuck in lockdown (which seems like a million years ago), I watched “Normal People”, the mini series based on Sally Rooney’s novel of the same name. I watched it simply because everybody raved about it, but I didn’t enjoy it much (I find the two leads exasperating to watch and their relationship rather toxic.) What I did enjoy, though, was the fashion, especially Marianne’s wardrobe. In fact, my obsession with velvet this fall/winter season comes from the many velvet blazers and dresses Marianne wore. So here’s my interpretation of one of her looks – the blue velvet dress with the maroon blazer. I chose to reverse the colors (maroon dress and blue blazer), plus my dress is not velvet, but it’s not bad, if I do say so myself.