Sunday Morning

For this week’s SIA, inspired by Norman Rockwell’s “Sunday Morning” illustration, my problem was not that I didn’t know what to wear, but rather the opposite – I had so many ideas that I couldn’t pick just one! In the end, though, I decided to go with this combination. I was going to wear my gray waistcoat, but sadly it doesn’t match the gray of my blazer, so I picked this sweater vest instead. There are actually a lot of colors/patterns in the painting, from the flowers on the windowsill to the hats of mom (which I also gave a nod to in my brooch) and the girls, and I think this vest reflects that. Plus, it brings a casual/formal contrast to the outfit, which works well for the painting (mom and the kids’ formal church clothes vs. dad’s sloppy loungewear). For the rest of the outfit, I went with my trusty combo of red cords + lace-up boots. Yes, I wore them for the last SIA challenge too, but when something works, why change it?

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Safe As Houses

I’m continuing my casual, Lunar New Year break looks with this simple outfit. I don’t wear graphic prints that often because they don’t fit into my vintage-inspired style, but this sweater is so cute that I couldn’t pass it up. The style of the print is slightly Studio Ghibli-esque (it actually reminds me of this house in the train sequence in Spirited Away – such a beautiful and haunting scene; nothing happens yet it makes you feel so much), so I added my hot air balloon brooch for a touch of whimsy.