Mountain Uniform

This is just to give you an idea of what I practically lived in during the past week – long-sleeved striped shirt (I do have a lot of those, as weirdly specific as that may sound), a cardigan, jeans, and boots. Sometimes with a scarf thrown in. Simple, functional, reasonably cute.

Red shirt: thrifted, Blue shirt: H&M, Scarf: Target
Cardigan: navy – Wet Seal, mustard – thrifted, grey – Forever21
Jeans: H&M and Forever21, Boots: Payless

Salazar And The Shark

This week’s Style Imitating Art painting stumped me a bit, because it has a lot of green and I didn’t pack anything green with me to our writers’ retreat in the mountain (and I don’t have anything in that particular shade of green anyway.) In the end I just took my inspiration from the bad-ass dude harpooning the shark instead.

I should’ve imitated that pose too

Dress: tailored, Cardigan: Wet Seal (refashioned by me)
Scarf & Tights: Target, Boots: Payless

Don’t forget to head over to Jess’ blog to see how others interpreted this painting, and check back here next week to see my pick!

In Exile

After Debbi and I got back from Ha Long Bay, there’s been a bit of drama in the tale of Debbi and Duc’s adventures. We found out that it’s going to cost too much to extend Debbi’s visa, way more than it would take for her to change her plane ticket, so she decided to cut her trip short. We haven’t been able to visit down south yet, but the country is not going anywhere and I’m still going to be living here in the foreseeable future, so it’s not like this is her only chance to travel in Vietnam.

Anyway, our house is full of people right now (my parents’ friend from Germany came to visit), so Debbi and I got shipped off to Tam Dao, a resort town in the mountain, about two hours from Hanoi, where my dad’s institute has a guesthouse. We’re just doing what we’ve been doing in Hanoi, only it’s a lot nicer because the weather is lovely (I can finally wear my fall clothes!), the place is quiet, and there are awesome mountain views wherever you look. We could have crammed in some more travel before Debbi has to leave, but in the end we decided a writers’ retreat would be more relaxing.

Shirt & Tights: Target, Cardigan: Forever21
Skirt: from Sapa, Boots: Payless, Scarf: borrowed from Debbi

Style Imitating Art: Louise Trudane

It’s another week here at Style Imitating Art, so let’s take a look at the interpretation of Jacques-Louis David’s Portrait of Louise Trudaine from all of my lovely blogger friends.

First up we have Rebekah of From the Mixed-Up Files, looking all ladylike:

Next up is the ever-awesome Pao of Project Minima:

Then we have our co-host, Vivienne of Thrifted Shift, in a simple but spot-on outfit:

And finally it’s me. I didn’t intend to wear the hat and jacket, but soon the cold and rainy weather of Sa Pa demanded them (not that I’m complaining. I love it.) I do find it funny, though, that everybody was in all these flowy, feminine silhouette, and I just went with the colors instead.

Shirt: Forever21, Jeans: Target
Scarf: Icing, Boots: Payless


As long as the weather stays cold like this, I’m going to fail this course of adding colors to my wardrobe, because I don’t have any colorful winter clothes (well, to be honest, do I really have any colorful anything clothes? No.) I’ve been looking for a colored cardigan at thrift stores (I’m determined not to buy new clothes anymore), but so far I haven’t any luck.

Anyway, to explain today’s post title, just take a look:

Flannel? Check. Plaid? Check. Work boots? Check. A chunky knit beanie? Check. And to top it all, a man’s scarf. Seriously, the only thing missing is a chain saw.

I swear it’s not intentional! But it was raining today, and I was afraid that my usual boots don’t have enough friction on the heels to keep me from slipping (I’ve done that before), so I wore these instead. Or perhaps I was subconsciously influenced, because yesterday one of my classmates pitched an idea for a lumberjack comic book 😀

Coat: Forever21, remix
Jeans and beanie: H&M
Shirt/tunic: Urban Outfitters
Boots: thrifted from Little French Flea Market
Scarf: my dad’s 😛