Jewel Tones

Other than the fact that pastel colors look horrible on me, but I’ve always had a hard time figuring out what colors actually look good on me. I know what colors I like, but they may not always be flattering. According to the “seasonal color analysis”, I’m an autumn, but I can’t remember all the colors that supposedly look good on an autumn – I can’t carry about a bunch of color swats whenever I go shopping, can I? All I can remember that earth tones work for me. But lately, I’ve figured out that jewel tones work too. I’ve worn a lot of deep red (purplish red, brownish red, maroon, burgundy, whatever you want to call them) and emerald green, though usually not close to my face, so here’s an all-jewel tone outfit, to remind myself to wear them more often.

False Winter

I’ve been hearing my friends in the Northern Hemisphere complaining about the “false spring” they had – apparently the weather warmed up briefly, making everybody excited for spring, before the cold returned. I can’t sympathize though, because our spring is horrible (humid, muggy, moldy) and we barely had a winter to begin with.

Take this sweater, for example. I thrifted it because it reminds me of Chris Evans’s pretentious distressed sweater in Knives Out, and also in anticipation of a freezing winter, according to the weather forecast. Well, I should’ve known better than to listen to the weather forecast – other than a few days when the temperature dipped below 15 degrees Celsius (about 60F, which for us is pretty cold), it never really got cold enough for a thick sweater like this. That’s global warming for you. Here is the best I can do. It was during one of the coldest days we had, but between the skirt and the floral brooch, the outfit still felt more spring-like than winter.

Velvet And Silk

For this week’s SIA, inspired by a pair of 19th-century silk boudoir slippers, I knew I wouldn’t be able to capture the colors exactly, since I have nothing close to that rich purple in my closet. So instead, I decided to take inspiration from the contrast between the textures of the slippers – the silk and the velvet. I then ran the photo of the slippers through my photo editor to change their hues into a color scheme I could work with, and finally came up with this blue-green combo.

So that’s how this outfit came about – the silk blouse is a hand-me-down from my mom, the velvet skirt is a recent thrift find, and of course, I had to add a brooch to mimic the sparkly buckles of the slippers. For the touch of blue, I thought about wearing my lace-up flats, but they made the outfit too fussy, so I went with these oxfords instead. All in all, I’m really happy with the outfit, even if I had to bend and reach a bit to translate it from the inspiration. But isn’t that the fun of SIA though? Don’t forget to check out Daenel’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by these slippers!