Young Girl In Hand-Me-Downs

I love this week’s Style Imitating Art inspiration, “Young Girl in Green” by Tamara de Lempicka, but it was a true challenge for me because I have nothing green in my closet. The answer is, of course, to raid my mom and my sister’s closet. When I showed my sister the painting, she remembered this dress, one of her “closet orphans”, which she then passed on to me. I can understand why it’s a closet orphan though – the ruffles and the hem make it really hard to style. The scarf was my mom’s, she’s been using it to wrap her sweaters in, so she was more than happy to give it to me.

In the end, I wonder if I should’ve gone with just the dress or the scarf instead of both, because they don’t really go together, no matter how many ways I tried.

No; no

Too impractical; close, but no

In NaNoWriMo news, the writing is still, to quote Mr. Chillip from¬†David Copperfield,¬†“progressing slowly.” The only problem is that I finished the first story yesterday at around 5000 words, so I would have to write about 10 of them to get the 50,000 quota. I don’t have enough ideas for 10 short stories.

Dress: H&M (hand-me-down), Scarf: hand-me-down
Boots & belt: thrifted