Wedding Portrait

My interpretation of this week’s SIA inspiration, Jan Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait, is a little different. Sure, it has most of the colors of the painting (green and black, with a touch of brown), but the print of my dress makes it decidedly more futuristic – usually, I would try to echo the feel of the painting if I can, but I see this print as my way of mimicking the intricately pinked trims on the sleeves and the pleated front of the woman’s dress in the painting. I also added my brooch because it reminds me of the mirror on the wall behind the couple.

More importantly, I was going to wear this to a wedding last week, which I thought would make it appropriate for the theme of the painting. Unfortunately, the wedding was canceled due to the pandemic (“pandemic” is a word I never thought I’d type for a real-life situation. Usually I only read it in sci-fi books. But such is the time we’re living in.) The couple decided to have a very simple family affair instead of the big reception they’d planned, and my hat’s off to them for sacrificing their big day in the name of public health and safety. Anyway, even though I didn’t get to wear it to a wedding, I thought, why waste a perfectly good outfit? So here we are.

If you haven’t sent me your outfit, you still have until tomorrow! And don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see other interpretations of this classic painting!

Wear Ye Polyester While Ye May

I got this dress a while ago, but it’s one of those quintessential 70’s thick polyester dresses (I think my mom has one with the exact same texture), and the weather has been too warm for it. Thankfully it’s cold and rainy today so I got one last chance to bring out the polyester before summer hits.

Also, doesn’t the print on the dress remind you of Tron? Or Pac-Man?

Dress: vintage via Thread Echoes, Cardigan: Forever21 (dyed by me)
Shoes: Madden Girl (thrifted), Necklace: Icing