Flower Overload

I had this Ravenclaw outfit planned for today to go see Harry Potter (as much as I like Slytherin, I know I’d end up in Ravenclaw, being a nerd and all) but it was a little bit overcast and I didn’t feel like wearing a skirt, so I went with this instead. I guess I was channeling… Luna Lovegood? Hey, she’s a Ravenclaw. It’s not as quirky as Luna’s radish earrings, but it’s the quirkiest I can get within the confines of my remix.

And the movie? Before this I thought only Pixar movies (and Babe) can make me cry, but… no. I choked up at the first shot, and it became a downward spiral during the last half hour or so. I was pretty much a wreck. I don’t want to spoil anything in case you haven’t seen it, but if you’ve read the book, don’t worry, it’ll be just like you imagine it (there are glitches, but the awesome parts more than make up for those.) And if you haven’t read the book, why?

Oh and remember how I said the tag of this dress says “Made in Portugal, 14 years old”? It turns out that the brand, Papo D’Anjo, is a prominent children’s clothing line in Portugal (and Europe.) I found that out thanks to this article about the wardrobe of the adorable Kiernan Shipka, aka Sally Draper from Mad Men. Yeah, in Vietnam I’m one of the tall girls. Here I can wear kid’s clothes and nobody would notice.

Also, I modified this thrifted bag myself, as inspired by this Anthropologie bag.

Dress, worn as tunic: Papo D’anjo thrifted, remixed
Jeans: The Limited thrifted, remixed
Flats: Me Too thrifted, remixed
Bracelet: self-made
Bag: DIY from a thrifted bag

Little Birdie

Technically this is outfit #26 and yesterday’s outfit is #27, because I wore this on Sunday when I helped out a friend on a photoshoot. I actually wore it on Saturday too, but came home too late to take photos, so I wore it again on Sunday. Yeah, I’m kinda gross.

Also, my friend Katie (whose photoshoot I was helping) has a sparrow nest on her front door wreath! How crazy is that? Apparently some mommy sparrow mistook the plastic wreath for the real thing and made her nest and laid her eggs in there. So now Katie has two baby sparrows on her front door. Here’s one of them: (I think the other one was asleep)

T-shirt: Forever21, remixed
Cropped pants: thrifted
Flats: Me Too thrifted, remixed
Sash: gift (hand-me-down?) from Debbi
Necklace: Modcloth

Friend Friday: The Outfit Formula

Would you look at that – only 11 outfits to go!

T-shirt: Forever21, remixed
Skirt: thrifted, remixed
Flats: Me Too thrifted, remixed
Necklace: self-made using this tutorial

This week Friend Friday‘s questions is about your go-to outfit formula, or your personal uniform. Here we go:

1. What’s your go-to outfit formula? I have a few – fitted top + full skirt (or an A-line dress) + heels; tunic (or a short dress) + flare jeans + flats; and tunic + skinny jeans + boots. Yes, I do seem to wear tunics a lot.

2. How did you come about this formula? I’ve just discovered the full skirt/dress formula, since I’ve only started wearing dresses recently. It balances out my broad shoulders, long torso and short legs. The other two formulas came from my dislike of short tops (hence the tunic), and the flats + flare jeans or skinny jeans + boots also bring the balance that I want.

3. Do you have different formulas for different occasions in your life?  Sure. The dress formula is for when I want to feel more feminine/ dressed-up. The others are for when I want to look put-together but more relaxed. As for my casual or weekend wear, I’m more likely to reach for a pair of straight leg jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt.

4. Has it morphed over the years? Definitely. Before this blog, my one and only formula was jeans + T-shirt + sneakers (add a sweater/hoodie in the colder months.) I even wore it to my college graduation (OK, I wore a blouse, not a T-shirt, but still.) It got so bad, I had to go shopping for my first internship interview because I literally had nothing else in my closet!

5. Which other blogger’s outfit formula would you like to swipe? I have to say Tania of What Would A Nerd Wear. She wears the top + skirt combination a lot too, but she always looks so cute and effortless.

The Eleventh Hour

The post title is a little clichéd, but it is to commemorate remix outfit #11! That’s right, I’m a third of the way! 22 more outfits to go. Also, I’ve decided to put a deadline on my shopping ban after all. Going blind without an end point makes me more inclined to break it. So the deadline will be when I’m done with my remix challenge. It’s not a clear deadline (I don’t know when I’ll be done with the remix – maybe in a month, maybe more), but it’s a deadline nonetheless.

Nothing much to say about this outfit except it’s funny how my shoes and my bangles kinda serendipitously match (you can’t see it very well because I forgot a close-up of the shoes.) Also, today was probably the first time since I started taking pictures outside in my apartment complex that I wasn’t interrupted by my neighbors on their way to the parking structure. The place was deserted for some reason. I snapped my photos and was done in under 10 minutes. It was awesome.

Oh and a closer look at my mammoth tooth pendant (and my bangles):

Shirt: Express thrifted, remixed
Jeans: The Limited thrifted, remixed
Blazer: thrifted
Shoes: Me Too thrifted, remixed
Bangles: self-made (does it count as pattern mixing with my striped shirt and floral bangles? It does, doesn’t it?)

Burning The Sun With Just A Wave Of Your Hand

Yeah, I used the lyric from Athlete’s “Superman Touch” again. I just really like the song, OK?

Note to self: please don’t wait until 3 in the afternoon to take outfit photos. The lighting is horrible. Now that it’s getting dark later and later, I was hoping I could take my photos at sunset. But it’s not going to happen for some time, because either I have to leave earlier than that (on days that I have night classes), or it’s already dark by the time I get back from my internship.

Anyway, I’m going to have some free time on my hand soon: the class is coming to an end, and so is my internship, so I can take my photos whenever I want. I’m going to be unemployed, but at least I’ll have nice outfit photos! (Yay?) (not that I’m employed now, I’m not getting paid, but at least I have a job to do, you know?) And where I might wear those outfits to, I don’t know… Man, it’s going to be get real depressing round here.

I didn’t even talk about the outfit, did I? I’ve worn this dress/tunic with these pants before, but I don’t care because honestly, I couldn’t be bothered to come up with a new pairing today. Besides, it’s so annoying dressing for days when I have to be out late: it’s hot now, but I know it’s going to get cold later at night. Damn you, LA climate!

Dress worn as tunic: thrifted, remixed
Pants: thrifted, remixed
Flats: Me Too thrifted
Belt: thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
Sunglasses: mom bought it for me