Monday Casual

Usually I don’t put a close-up first in a post, but is this the perfect Monday shirt or what? (I’m posting it on Wednesday, but I wore this on Monday.) The only downside is that I can only wear it Monday. And maybe late Sunday. Any other day and it would be like wearing a Christmas sweater in January.

Full disclosure: I actually got this shirt from the kid’s section of H&M while shopping for my niece. But it was on sale, it fits, and besides, the graphic is more suitable for an adult, right? Kids have no concept of Monday blues, do they? Or maybe they do now, I don’t know. They have pretty stressful lives these days, compared to when I was a kid.

So It Begins

Well, November is here, and that means it’s another round of NaNoWriMo. I was debating whether to sign up for it this year, because rather than writing a whole novel like I did last time, this year I want to work on a bunch of short stories and treatments, plus I want to write them in Vietnamese instead of English (I’m looking to submit them to some literary magazines), which may make it difficult to count toward the 50,000 words. After all, it doesn’t matter if I sign up or not as long as I write about 2000 words a day. In the end, I decided that yes, I do need that deadline hanging over my head, otherwise I would probably quit halfway through. Plus I’m sick of feeling unproductive. Last year I complete the challenge while juggling a part-time job and an internship, so there’s no reason why I can’t do it this year.

P/S: I may have finally figured out how to casually wear a pencil skirt – an untucked graphic T-shirt and a pair of grubby sneakers are the answer.

Shirt: thrifted, Cardigan: Target, Bracelet: self-made
Skirt: Forever21, Sneakers: Payless


The next Bloggers Do It Better challenge is maxi skirt. I’ve chickened out of the maxi Everybody Everywear challenge a couple of months ago, but since then I’ve been more and more interested in trying this out, and now I’ve got no excuse! Of course it means I had to break my shopping ban, but it’s been broken a long time ago so it doesn’t really matter 😛

I tried out a couple of skirts at my local thrift store just so see what shape I like, and in the end decided that I prefer the fuller silhouette (I always do.) Also because I’ve pinned this look (by Starr Crow of A Though Is The Blossom – doesn’t she have the coolest name ever?), plus it reminds me of something Frida Kahlo would wear. The only setback is that the full skirt looks much more casual than the straight one so I can’t wear it to work.

So yeah, I’ve finally broken the ice with the maxi!

Skirt: thrifted
T-shirt: thrifted, remixed
Cardigan: Wet Seal, thrifted
Sandals: Payless
Belt: thrifted

Oh Simple Thing

Oh, simple thing, where have you gone?
I’m getting old and I need something to rely on – Somewhere Only We Know (Keane)

T-shirt: thrifted
Cardigan: Merona (Target) thrifted
Skinny: Charlotte Russe, remixed
Converse: Shoecity, remixed
Belt: thrifted, remixed

This may be the simplest outfit I’ve worn since starting the blog. And this is how I normally dressed before starting the blog – jeans, a T-shirt, sneakers, and a cardigan. The only difference is that before my cardigan would be either black or gray, and my jeans probably wouldn’t be skinny.

Am I regressing to my old ways? I’d like to think not. Sometimes I just don’t want to think too much about what I wear, which can be the problem when you first start out as a style blogger (over-thinking every single outfit) – hence the lyric from “Somewhere Only We Know.” But hey, at least the cardigan has some interest to it, right?

Also, sorry if the colors are kinda off in the photos. It’s really bright out today. I tried hard not to frown by posing like this…

… but in the end I just thought, Ah, forget it, I’m stepping into the shades. (Actually I thought “F*** it” but that wouldn’t be PG. My mom reads this blog too :P)

Science Is Satan Spelled Backwards

I went to another thrift store on Tuesday because they have a 25% discount every Tuesday from 8 AM until noon. And this is what I found:

I got all this for $15 and changes!

The gray shirt is the one that says “Science is Satan spelled backwards.” It doesn’t make sense, but I think that’s the whole point. It might be a little small for me, but I like the caption, plus it’s only 99 cents, so I bought it anyway.

The dress (yes, I know, plaid, again. What do you want me to do, go to Plaid Anonymous?) I bought because it reminds me of this Dear Creatures dress (it’s not my most favorite dress from Dear Creatures though. My favorite is this one.)

The skirt I’m not so sure about. I like the colors (you can’t see it very well, but the stripes look almost like watercolor), but I don’t know what I’m going to wear it with. And it doesn’t have pockets!

Also something you can’t see: the leaf-printed shirt is pretty much all open in front, with only a tie at the collar. But I like the print, and the open neckline can be easily closed with a couple of snap buttons.

And here’s hoping that the bucket hat will prove easier to wear than the cloche hat! (it’s actually reversible, white on one side and printed on another.)