The Librarian

I felt a bit like a dad in a Norman Rockwell painting in this outfit. Or maybe an old-fashioned newspaper editor. All I’m missing is a pipe, LOL. I don’t know why. It must be the combination of the striped shirt, the waistcoat, and the tie. This is the first non-floral tie I bought, and of course I got it because of the book print. So maybe I felt a bit like a librarian as well. I’m still figuring out how to mix-and-match my ties with the rest of my outfits; right now, I’m just buying them because the colors or patterns catch my eyes, but I think I’m going to be a bit more thoughtful and selective from now on. One in a solid color might work too, since I have so many patterned pieces in my closet.

The Professor

Last week I posted an outfit with this gold velvet waistcoat, which is a bit big on me. Well, I finally figured out how to make it fit better – I (very badly) sewed two darts in the back, and voila, it fits! For the outfit, I tried to evoke a three-piece suit – I’ve always loved the look of three-piece suits, but I don’t think I would want to wear them very often. I love pattern-mixing too much to wear a suit that is all one pattern and color. This outfit, which not only mixes patterns but textures as well, is much more my style. I thought about adding a brooch to make it even more “me”, but in the end, decided that the outfit is busy enough.

Tricksy Hobbitses

Another day, another vest (or rather, waistcoat) worn with a skirt. This is another velvet waistcoat that I bought last year, but it’s a bit big on me, so while figuring out how to size it down, I decided to tuck it into a skirt instead. There’s something about the ruffled shirt and the tucked-in waistcoat, which looks a bit like a bodice, that reminds me of a female Hobbit costume, hence the title. It’s the thing about inspiration – you never know where it’s going to come from. I’ve never been much of a Lord of the Rings fan (sacrilege, I know, but I didn’t grow up with it and while I enjoy the films, they never mean much to me), so I’ve never consciously taken any fashion inspiration from them. On the other hand, I’m a very visual person, and following costume and cosplay blogs, I’ve seen my share of Hobbit costumes. I guess the images just get stored in my brain, to be called up randomly.