Palm Beach

Remember my co-worker who had to cancel his wedding back in March due to the pandemic? Well, he and his wife still got married in March but moved their reception to July (luckily, before we were hit with the second wave), so this is what I wore. I bought this dress a while ago from one of the first vintage stores I found in Hanoi but never got around to wearing it until now because it’s too dressy for everyday wear.

The dress has enough visual interest on its own so I just pair it with a belt (thrifted) and my cut-out heels (also thrifted) to mimic the embroideries on the hem.The palm tree may make this more appropriate for a beach wedding though – a vintage beach wedding, in fact. All I need is a straw cloche and I could pretend I’m a wedding guest on Coney Island or Brighton Beach in the 1930s.