Hobbit Chic

Hey, remember a couple of weeks ago when I was dressing in fall colors in an attempt to bring fall weather here more quickly? It may have worked! (Just kidding, the weather is due to cool down around October anyway). It’s not cool enough for sweaters yet – heck, it’s barely even cool enough for long sleeves – but there is an almost imperceptible change in the air, a tiny hint of crispness early in the morning and when you’re in the shadow, enough for me to bring out my woolen waistcoats. The waistcoat and the earth tones of this outfit remind me of the Hobbits’ costumes, so, in lieu of a Leaf of Lorien, I accessorized it with my own leaf brooch (I actually have another brooch that looks more like the Leaf of Lorien brooch, but I like the understated feel of this one with this outfit more.)

Subliminal Dressing, Part I

Mid-September in Vietnam is still way too warm to start thinking about fall, but I can’t help it. It’s after the Mid-Autumn Festival, shops are getting stocked with fall/winter clothes, fall-themed songs are all over the radio, and I’m so sick of my summer wardrobe already. So while it’s still warm, I resort to dressing in fall-appropriate colors (not fabrics!) and accessories instead. See, my thinking is that, if I dress like it’s fall, maybe fall can get here sooner. Call it the Field of Dreams logic. “If you dress like fall, it will come.”

Chai Latte

The last time I wore this skirt, one of my co-workers remarked that it looks like a latte (I think she was suffering from caffeine withdrawal at the moment), so this time, I decided to lean into that coffee look and paired it with my brown shirt and beige sandals. The thing is, I don’t actually drink coffee – I love the smell but hate the taste. Vietnam is famous for its coffee, but all that is wasted on me, I’m afraid. If I go to a coffee shop, I usually get some fruit juice (in the summer) or a hot chocolate or tea (in the winter), hence the “chai latte” title.

Wear Your Mask

So here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by a Tlingit ceremonial mask. The main colors are yellow, olive, and brown, but most of my yellow things are more gold/mustard, so I decided to go with the brown and olive and take my inspiration more from the texture of the mask – hence my linen shirt and woven mules. I also added my yellow belt and my brooch, which has most of the colors of the mask.

In other news, this is my first all-thrifted outfit – except for the accessories, but they’re old anyway – and I’m quite happy with it. My closet is pretty well stocked, so between my thrifted piece and what I already have, I think it can last me a while.

Don’t forget to check Kim’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this piece. And wear your mask!