Fall, But Make It Spring

I bought this dress last year but didn’t get around to wearing it until now. It’s linen, but it’s pretty thick, so it’s impossible to wear during summer. I was saving it for the spring, but one thing led to another and I complete forgot about it. To my dismay, I discovered that it’s a bit tight on me compared to last year (hello pandemic weight gain!) so as much as I love it (especially the pockets), I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it in the hope that I may lose this weight or if I’m going to pass it down to my niece. The thing is, she’s a total tomboy and probably wouldn’t want to wear a dress anyway, so maybe it’s best if I just keep it.

P/S: A funny thing happened while I was looking up ideas to style a green linen dress. I came across this photo which features the exact same dress! Too bad reverse image search doesn’t yield any further information.

Pencil Skirt

I used to wear the occasional pencil skirt back in LA, but ever since I moved home and started to bike to work, I’d given all of them away. I’ve never been crazy about them anyway – they always come off too “business corporate” for my taste. However, when I saw this skirt in one of my favorite vintage/secondhand online sellers, I was drawn to the kick pleats and the row of buttons (and of course, the brown plaid), so I decided to give pencil skirts another try. It took some getting used to on the bike, but the pleats help a lot in making it easier to move in. It’s too bad that I got it so late and the weather is getting a bit too warm now, but I’m looking forward to wearing it more next fall/winter.

Autumnal Colors

Although the weather has cooled down, it’s still fairly warm (most days are 27-28C), so I’m still wearing my lighter clothes, but I try to stick to autumnal colors – navy, brown, green, mustard – and autumnal prints (plaid, mostly.) I even emphasized the autumnal feel with a leaf brooch. I know wearing colors by seasons (like no white after Labor Day or wearing red/green during the winter holidays) is an antiquated fashion rule, but sometimes I can’t help it. It seems weird, somehow, wearing bright colors and floral prints during these moths, no matter what the temperature is. Does anybody else feel the same?

Plaid Again

The plaid-dress-turned-skirt last week was part of my quest for a summer plaid dress, which was a bit of a bust – yes, I could wear it as a dress, but it’ll probably need some layering, which, in this weather, is a big no. So when I came across this other plaid dress at a vintage store, I decided to grab it even though it looks quite similar to the other one. I could wear it as an actual dress and it has a pocket! Yes, just one pocket, which is a little weird, but at least it’s better than none.

Almost Perfect

I told you there would be more green things on the blog, didn’t I? When I first saw this dress at the thrift store, I hesitated because it has a polyester lining (why would you do that? Make a dress in cotton and line it with polyester, thus negating all the benefits of the cotton?), but then I saw that the lining can be removed quite easily, and well, you bet that I snapped it up right away. It’s pretty much the perfect dress for me – the length, the style, the color are all right up my alley. The only demerit is that it doesn’t have pockets, but well, you can’t have everything.