I’ve been wearing sweater vests a lot lately, though always paired with pants. I usually tuck my tops into skirts, and I thought that pairing vests with skirts may look too grandma-ish, especially since my vests are all of a looser fit and do not lend themselves well to being tucked in. But then again, I’ve never been afraid of looking like a grandma, so I decided to try it out. And guess what? I like it! It helps that my vest is a little shorter and the blazer gives the outfit some structure, so it doesn’t look too dumpy.

A (Not Charlie) Brown Christmas

Brown may be a little grim for a Christmas outfit, but I’m sticking with the brown hues of my fall/winter wardrobe. Besides, the snowflake pattern on my sweater and the embroidery on my skirt make the outfit quite Christmassy, don’t you think? (Sorry for the wrinkles. I just got these from the post and was excited to try them together so I didn’t get around to ironing/steaming them yet.)

This is also the last outfit post of 2021 – next week is going to be a week of round-up posts, so check back for my favorite SIA challenges, favorite books, favorite outfits and some outtakes of the year. Have a great weekend (whether you celebrate Christmas or not)!