Earth Tones

The other day, I was reorganizing my closet and saw that I have too many white shirts. The ironic thing is, being an “autumn” according to my seasonal color analysis, pure white is not my best color, as it washes me out/makes me look too sallow. In fact, if these photos are anything to go by, I should be wearing more earth tones, like the creamy beige color of this top, much more often, because it makes my skin look fantastic (if I do say so myself.) I guess my “wear what you like” approach to style doesn’t always work out, because sometimes what I like is not what I look best in.

P/S: See if you can spot the cat in these photos.

Hedge Witch

I recently saw this lovely print collection of different “witch” aesthetics and thought if I were a witch, I’d be a hedge witch all the way (in those “Which Hogwarts professor are you?” quizzes, I always get Professor Sprout.) I guess it came from having a gardener for a dad and growing up surrounded by a rambling garden, and it certainly explains why I’m always drawn to botanical/floral prints.

The print is so cute that I was inspired to put together an outfit with this “hedge witch” aesthetic. The thing is, my style is not witchy at all – when I think “witchy”, I think loose, flowy silhouettes, fringes, black, basically like the cast of American Horror Story: Coven. So this is what I came up with – it is as “witchy” as I can get, while still staying close to my everyday style.

Show Me A Garden Bursting Into Life

If I have to describe my style this summer in a few words, they would be dresses, linen, green/brown, and embroideries (usually broderie anglaise or a nature motif like flowers and leaves.) Those are the things I tend to navigate to while thrifting. My style hasn’t actually changed; it’s just that thrifting has helped to focus it and define it more. This outfit nicely reflects that. This linen embroidered top (yes, another one, I know) is not thrifted – it’s an early birthday present from my sister – but it fits in perfectly with my aesthetics. My sister knows me so well.

P/S: The title is a line from Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars”. Yeah, it’s cheesy, but it’s been a while since I used a song as my post title, and given my outfit and the desert roses blooming behind me, I thought it would be appropriate.