Ladies Having Tea, Part II

For my second outfit of this week’s SIA, I went with a looser interpretation. As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I wanted to incorporate this tea set brooch but it doesn’t quite work with my other outfit, so I put together something different for it. For this one, I took inspiration from the plaid wrapper of the lady on the left (hence my checked blazer.) The embroideries on my skirt are meant to reflect some of the intricate details in the painting as well, but really, it was all about the brooch.

A Rainbow Of Brown

I was listening to the Taskmaster podcast recently and heard comedian Sarah Millican use this phrase to describe her hair color – or, rather, she said her husband used it to describe her hair color, she herself calls it “balayage”, which frankly I’ve never heard of before (I’m not well versed in hair styling terms, as I cut my own hair and have had this hairstyle since I was 10 – before that I used to have bangs, but my mom got sick of cutting them so she let me grow them out.) I prefer “a rainbow of brown” though, not just because it’s funnier, but also because it describes my closet (especially my winter closet) quite well, as you can see here.


Although I’m on an unofficial Low Buy/No Buy season, I don’t want to restrict myself too much, because that would just be an excuse for me to binge-shop later. So when I see something I like and fill some sort of hole in my closet, I’ll get it. It helps that my closet is reasonably well stocked now and there are few things I still want, especially in terms of winter clothes. Take this short-sleeve sweater, for example – I’m always on the lookout for more 1940s tops, but I only bought it because of the collar and the cutout design around the shoulders. Brooches, of course, remain my one weakness, and when I saw this chain brooch, I had to snap it up immediately. The only problem is that I can’t untangle the chain and it’s driving me crazy!

The Professor

Last week I posted an outfit with this gold velvet waistcoat, which is a bit big on me. Well, I finally figured out how to make it fit better – I (very badly) sewed two darts in the back, and voila, it fits! For the outfit, I tried to evoke a three-piece suit – I’ve always loved the look of three-piece suits, but I don’t think I would want to wear them very often. I love pattern-mixing too much to wear a suit that is all one pattern and color. This outfit, which not only mixes patterns but textures as well, is much more my style. I thought about adding a brooch to make it even more “me”, but in the end, decided that the outfit is busy enough.

Old Hag

The other day I found three gray hairs on my head. I’ve had the odd gray hair since my 20s, but those were just half-gray (what we call “tóc sâu”, literally “bug-eaten hair”, in Vietnamese). This is the first time I found full-length, completely silver hairs from root to tip. I’m not worried, though. I inherit my dad and my grandmother’s hair, meaning I’m not going to go fully gray until my 70s. Besides, I don’t mind gray hair. If anything, I’m actually looking forward to having gray hair and being properly old. As long as I can keep reasonably healthy (*knocks on wood*, but with my terrible genes, who knows), I plan to fully embrace being a crazy, “get off my lawn” type of old lady. I mean, there’s a reason I took my style inspiration from Miss Marple. Take this outfit, for example. It wouldn’t look out of place on the old nemesis herself.