Twinkle Twinkle

In my attempt to wear my brooches more often, I’ve been searching for different placements for them. Wearing them on my tops and on the lapels of my jackets may be classic, and clustering them is also fun, but they can get repetitive after a while. So while playing around with my brooches, I came up with a new idea – wearing them on my shoes! Of course, to prevent the pin from damaging the shoes, this would only work if the shoes have some sort of buckle or lace or, like here, the piece across the vamp (which I learn is called the saddle), so the brooch can be pinned around it. Still, it’s a fun way to make use of my brooches, and I’ll be sure to try it more often.

(There are stars on my shirt, so naturally I had to wear my star brooch. I’ve never been one to turn down theme dressing.)

School Marm 2.0

I wore this to meet the new class of screenwriting students I’m teaching this year. It was the first time I met them, and we’re going to be stuck with each other for the next four years (hopefully), so I wanted to wear something that looks the most “me”, to give them an accurate first impression. In the end, I settled for this. It certainly has all the things that I tend to reach for the most – plaid/gingham, button-up, midi skirt, brooch, and sensible shoes. One of my co-workers said that I looked like a schoolteacher on Little House on the Prairie (I guess it’s the combination of the gingham and the brooch?), which is not exactly what I was going for, but hey, I am a teacher after all.

Cats And Dogs

Are you a cat person or a dog person? My family always have both, so I always think, why can’t you be both? Case in point: recently, I saw this adorable shirt on Miss Patina and decided to recreate it – I can’t embroider, but I can do iron-on patches. I went to my local craft store to find some cat and dog patches – the idea is to have two dogs and two cats that match my dogs and cats. Unfortunately, they were all out of cat patches and didn’t know when they were going to be restocked, so I went with all dogs instead. But I can’t ignore my cats altogether, so I added these cat socks to my outfit. Who says you have to choose, right? They’re both adorable.


I wore this when I had to proctor our school’s entrance examination in early September (due to the pandemic, everything got pushed back a month.) It was going to be an all-day affair, so I wanted something simple and easy to move around in. As it turned out, I got the easy job this year – I had to oversee the auditions of the musical theater students. I only had to ferry them back and forth from the waiting room to the audition room, and even got to watch them sing and dance. It was great fun, and it certainly beats sitting in a room for 4 hours watching them sweat over a film essay.

(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

For this week’s SIA, inspired by Suzuki Kiitsu’s “Morning Glories” (and the post title is, of course, the title of Oasis’s seminal sophomore album), I went back to the basics. It’s a bit surprising that amongst all the embroidered clothes I’ve bought and thrifted, there is nothing that matches the color scheme of the inspiration, but luckily, the rest of my closet can fill in the gaps (although my t-shirt is more teal than green.) The result is less exuberant than I would’ve liked, but hey, that’s the beauty of SIA – you don’t have to match the inspiration exactly.

If you haven’t sent me your outfit, you have until tomorrow. And don’t forget to check back on Wednesday to see all the outfits inspired by this print!