Tree Frog

We’ve had some heavy rain lately, and our frog and toad population just exploded. (Though we don’t have actual frogs. We only have tree frogs.) Coincidentally, I just bought a frog brooch – I’m aiming to own brooches representing all the insects/small animals in our garden – so of course I had to put together an outfit inspired by the frog. And it’s not just a matter of slapping the brooch on either. I actually thought carefully about it, and I chose these culottes and this shirt because the green and the blue stripes are meant to represent the frog’s colors. I then wore the brooch on my shoe for some added interest; plus it stands out more on the black shoe than on my top.

What do you think? A pretty good representation, right?

Culottes To The Rescue

As the weather starts warming up, I find myself reaching for culottes more and more. They’re just as flowy as skirts but comfier because they don’t require a pair of bike shorts underneath. And they come with pockets more often than skirts! Take this pair, for example. I told myself I already have a navy skirt and several pairs of wide-leg navy pants, I don’t need another pair of navy bottom, but in the end, the culottes still won. But it’s OK, since they’re basic and go with everything, so I expect to wear them a lot.

The Belt

blue striped shirt navy jeans black oxfords by 14 shades of grey

I have to admit, I had no idea what to do about this week’s SIA. It’s a piece of street art, so it’s too colorful for my usual palette of black, white, gray, and blue. At first, I thought maybe a graphic tee would do the trick, but then I remembered I don’t have graphic tees in my closet anymore except for the old ones I wear to bed. In the end, I looked more closely at the piece and saw that it features a lot of stairs, windows, and fences, and those I could recreate with stripes. I used my silk scarf as a belt (it was too hot to actually wear it as a scarf) for some added colors and patterns. Plus, the mural is featured in a street in Detroit called “The Belt”, so I thought it was only appropriate. Finally, I paired it with jeans and my black oxfords to echo the strong, bold lines of the piece. More loosely interpreted than usual, but I’m happy with it!

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blue striped shirt navy jeans by 14 shades of greyblue striped shirt navy jeans black oxfords by 14 shades of grey

navy jeans black oxfords by 14 shades of greyblue striped shirt navy jeans scarf belt by 14 shades of grey

Shirt: Mango, Jeans: H&M, Scarf: hand-me-down, Oxfords: Vagabond

The Home Coming

blue striped top pink skirt beige sandals by 14 shades of grey

I actually had a much more casual outfit planned for this week’s SIA, inspired by Bertha Lum’s woodblock print “The Home Coming“. However, I’m beginning to feel a little tired of looking so schlubby all the time as the summer drags on, so when I had an end-of-the-year staff meeting at school, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to dress up a bit. I went with this skirt (yes, I’ve worn it for SIA twice in a row now) and the shirt to mimic the strong lines and soft colors of the print, and the sandals echo the curves of the bridge.

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13_jen_lum_croppedblue striped top pink skirt by 14 shades of grey


Top: Mango, Skirt: hand-me-down, Sandals: Clarks

Gibson Girl

blue striped shirt navy skirt red heels by 14 shades of grey

I feel very much like a Gibson Girl in this outfit. Considering the 1900’s is one of my favorite eras in fashion (along with the 1800’s, 1880’s, and 1930’s), it’s not surprising. I think it’s the combination of the simple, high-collared shirt, the dark skirt (of course, on a real Gibson Girl, the skirt would’ve been floor-length), and sensible but still cute shoes. Should’ve worn a brooch too. What I’m really missing, though, is the hairstyle – I’ve tried the “Gibson tuck” so many times before, but my stupid hair won’t stay put and won’t hold the bobby pins. So alas, I had to make do with this quick bun instead.

blue striped shirt navy skirt by 14 shades of greynavy skirt red heels by 14 shades of grey

Shirt: Mango, Skirt: Banana Republic (thrifted), Heels: Zara