Summer, But Make It Fall

It’s still pretty warm over here, but there has been the tiniest hint of fall in the air – the sunlight is less scorching, and at night, it starts to get a bit chilly. So although I’m still wearing summery clothes (T-shirt, linen skirt, and flats), I had to add a nod to the fall with the brown T-shirt (if this was during the summer, I would’ve worn a white top) and the little scarf. Brown and blue is not a combo I wear very often, but it doesn’t look too bad, does it?

To Roll Or Not To Roll

As I was taking photos of this outfit, I debated whether to roll the legs on these pants or not. It may look a little awkward, but if I left them down, the outfit would look a bit… not sloppy (though I admit, the pants have an elastic waist, so the entire thing is just glorified pajamas), but a bit uninteresting. Too “normal”. So in the end, I rolled the pant legs a bit to show off the lacing of the flats. It’s a little thing, but it really changed the look of the outfit and made it look better thought out, don’t you think?

Culottes To The Rescue

As the weather starts warming up, I find myself reaching for culottes more and more. They’re just as flowy as skirts but comfier because they don’t require a pair of bike shorts underneath. And they come with pockets more often than skirts! Take this pair, for example. I told myself I already have a navy skirt and several pairs of wide-leg navy pants, I don’t need another pair of navy bottom, but in the end, the culottes still won. But it’s OK, since they’re basic and go with everything, so I expect to wear them a lot.

I’m Blue

No, not “blue” as in “sad”, I’m just running out of titles and that cheesy dance song just came into my head (if anyone has it stuck in their head now, I am so sorry.) Anyway, here is my attempt to style this dress more casually. I still had to add a brooch, of course – the dress is the perfect blank canvas for brooches and pins – but it’s an embroidered brooch, which again, is more casual than the silver one I wore last time. The flats are still pretty dressy, but I always think of flats as more casual than heels. However, I think this dress needs heels. It hits me at an unflattering place, and with heels, my legs wouldn’t look so dumpy. But that’s the fun of experimenting with fashion, isn’t it? You figure out what works and what doesn’t as you go along.

Blue Bow

This blue-striped blouse is a recent thrift store find, and I’m really happy with it. It has the right mix of classic, simplicity, and quirkiness that is just my style. The bow is actually what drew me to it – it’s not a limp “pussy bow”, but much crisper, like something you’d find on a boater hat, and the subtle blue stripes also further its naval feel.

For the rest of the outfit, I chose my go-to combination of blue and yellow (I try to stay away from bright blue and bright yellow though – my skin can’t handle primary colors, and I don’t want to look like a school mascot.) I was going to add a brooch or a pin to the blouse, but then I decided that, between the bow and the lace-up flats, there are enough visual interests already.