Spring Mood

Spring seems to be in the air (i.e. nearly 100% humidity and mold everywhere. I hate it); that’s why I’m bringing out this skirt. I still can’t think of what to pair with it other than white and/or blue, and I find the light colors inappropriate for colder days (it’s just my own arbitrary rule, I prefer wearing dark colors in winter to “warm up”, and light colors in summer to “cool down”), which is why I only tend to wear it around spring. Plus, this bobble cardigan, with its floral embroideries, is super spring-appropriate, so of course I had to pair them together.

Shrinking Violet

I bought this skirt way back last fall, but haven’t been able to find a top to pair with it – I didn’t realize that gray and blue would be such a tough combo to match! Any color I pair with this skirt would either not look right or seem too much, so I was happy to discover this blue sweater, which matches the blue of the skirt exactly. I also added a flower brooch (some violets, hence the post title) to make it more spring-appropriate. Usually, I would try to avoid “one-trick ponies” (items that can only be pair with one other item) and matchy-matchy looks like this though, so I’m going to have to find some new ways to wear this skirt before next winter.