Silly Putty Pumps

My sister and I just had an argument about nude shoes (pumps, specifically) the other day because she tried to push her old pair (which her post-baby feet had outgrown) on me. My sister insists that they’re awesome because they go with everything. I, on the other hand, have been educated in the Tom and Lorenzo School of Fashion Critique, and therefore can’t not refer to them as “Silly Putty pumps.” I think that they work in specific cases (with pants and with pale neutrals, according to TLo) but most of the time they just seem like such an unimaginative styling choice. And I have yet to see a woman whose legs look longer because she’s wearing nude shoes. It doesn’t help that my sister’s pair have all the elements that get me twitchy – nude color, peep-toe, platform heels. No thanks.

What about  you guys? What’s your opinion on nude pumps? Actually, let me quote TLo once more. Nude pumps – Yea or Nay?

Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Wet Seal, Shoes: Mudd, Brooch: vintage (everything thrifted except for the brooch)


Oink Oink Pants

My niece loves pink (such a girly girl, so different from her mother and aunt.) Whenever we have trouble giving her a bath, saying  she’ll get to wear a pink dress always works. Last night I was window shopping online when she came over, pointed at a pink dress, and said “Oink oink.” It took me a while to understand that she meant the color pink, which to her is the color of pigs 😀 She hasn’t seen this pair of pants yet, but if she does, I’m sure she’ll call them my “oink oink pants.”

T-shirt: Target, Pants: Karen Kane
Heels: Mudd, Bracelet: self-made (everything thrifted except for the bracelet)

Can’t Talk


I only stop by to drop a quick outfit post. My niece is sick, so I’m helping everybody take care of her. I also have tons of scripts to read. On top of that, my internet connection has been acting up lately. I can’t seem to load any wordpress or blogspot blog – even this post has to be written from wordpress home page – so please excuse me if I can’t comment on your posts for now. In the meantime, here’s outfit #6.

T-shirt: Walmart, Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Mudd (thrifted), Necklace: souvernir from Greifswald, Germany

Double Dot

This is my second venture into the printed pants trend – polka dot pants! I made this pair myself by stamping the dots in fabric paint with an eraser at the end of a pencil (like so.) I had too much free time on my hands, apparently. In hind sight, I wish I had used daubers instead of the eraser, to make the dots bigger, but I’m happy with the result.

I tried on a bunch of different accessories too, but in the end took them all off because I felt the outfit was busy enough.

Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: refashioned by me, Heels: Mudd (thrifted)

Spring Flowers

Usually when looking for a location to take pictures for the blog,  I pay more attention to the lighting than to how my outfit would look against the background. Though there are several instances where my outfits matched the locations, most of those were accidental.

This outfit, on the other hand, is directly inspired by the location itself. I was walking home from the bus stop one afternoon and saw how beautifully the setting sun hit these orchid rock-roses, so I filed it away as a possible location. Then when I was thinking of what to pair with this dress, I remembered the pink flowers against the green and pulled out my embroidered cardigan – and it worked!

Dress: Target (thrifted), Cardigan & Shoes: thrifted
Sweater clips: self-made from vintage earrings


Hope everybody had a nice Easter! I didn’t celebrate… unless you count eating a ton of chocolate 😀

For this week’s Style Imitating Art inspiration, Jess picked the cover of a book about book covers (I feel like this week’s challenge should be nicknamed “Coverception”), Penguin by Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005 by Phil Baines, cover design by David Pearson:

When I saw the orange spines of the books, I immediate thought of my orange plaid shirt, and the rest is easy enough.

I took the photo below before I remembered that people actually walk their dogs here. Thankfully nothing was lurking in the pretty clover flowers, but I probably should’ve checked first 😛

Shirt & Skirt: Forever21, Belt & Shoes: thrifted
Necklace: self-made

Plaid Madness

Having declared it unofficial plaid week, I thought I’d follow through with my words and keep the plaid theme going. Argyle counts as plaid, right? It also gives me another chance to try my hands (or more exactly, my legs) at patterned tights. Last time I wore these tights I made the mistake of overthinking it, so this time I kept the rest of the outfit simple, because the tights are so focus-pulling.

In other news, I just added a couple of new items to my Smashion store. I’m slowly adding more stuff as I clean out my closet, so check it out, see if there’s anything you like. Hurry though, the store will only be open until early May!

Dress: Target (thrifted), Cardigan: Forever21
Tights: costume store in North Hollywood
Shoes: thrifted, Belt: thrifted