Summer Flowers

I almost decided not to participate in this SIA, because one, I’ve been stuck at home all month, working in my pajamas, so there is no reason to dress up, two, it’s been raining almost all month, and three, I have no idea what to wear.The most noticeable color in the photo Erin picked is purple, and I don’t have anything purple.

But as luck would have it, the rain stopped and I had a couple of errands to run this past weekend, so I had the excuse to wear something marginally dressier than my ratty old tee and pajama pants. I picked the light blue jeans, black sandals, and silver cuff to mimic the background of the photo, and my floral printed t-shirt, while not exact, is a pretty good interpretation of the tulips in the photo, if I do say so myself.

It’s been a stressful summer. On the one hand, I am so ready for it to end so I can start wearing actual clothes and put the blog back into shape (cooler weather would be nice, too). On the other hand, I have so much left to do with all of my side projects that I know I would be overwhelmed once the school year starts again. Well, I have until August 21 to at least finish some of them, so I guess I’d better shape up.

Don’t forget to stop by Erin’s blog to see other interpretations of this photo!

Rain Shirt Strikes Again

You guys may know this as my “rain shirt”, aka the shirt I always wear when it’s raining or has just rained. It makes sense – the fabric is a little thicker so I tend to reach for it when it’s cool out. But it gets weirder. Get this: the previous night, I was debating between the two shirts for the next morning. As soon as I picked this one, the rain started. That’s right, now it’s raining even as I’m thinking about wearing the shirt.

Shirt: local shop, Jeans: H&M, Sandals: Aldo, Necklace: Lia Sophia


Just when it starts to cool down everywhere, LA got a heat wave. I think it’s the first time this summer it’s over a hundred degrees. Still, we got it pretty mild compared to the rest of the country (*knocks on wood*) So excuse me for this short blog post. I’m on a quest for an air-conditioned place.

Oh and today’s 21 Day Challenge is “Wear a Dress/Skirt.” Easy peasy.

T-shirt: Zara, gift, remixed
Skirt: Old Navy, remixed
Sandals: Payless, remixed
Bracelet: self-made

Sunday Uniform

Just a quick outfit post for day 7 of the 21 Day Challenge – Layering Accessories. I’ve layered bracelets before, so I wanted to try layering necklaces this time. It turned out OK, but not as well as I hoped. I probably just need to pair the necklaces with a different shirt (something solid color, preferably.) But since Sunday for me is a day of grocery shopping, baking bread and making a huge pot of freezable meal for next week, I didn’t put too much thought into the outfit. Well, we live and learn, right?

T-shirt: Zara, gift from my sister when we were in Milan
Jeans: Wet Seal thrifted, remixed
Sandals: Payless, remixed
Necklaces: black and white flower – Venice gift shop, cameo – Forever21, owl – Modcloth

I’ll be back with the Weekend Round-Up later.

Tuck Everlasting

First off, sorry for the corny title. I couldn’t help myself, when today’s 21 Day Challenge prompt is “Tuck It In.”

Confession: I hate wearing shirts tucked in. Maybe it came from my time in grade school, because in Vietnam, school kids all have to wear uniform (white button-up shirt with a school patch + navy slacks; I guess girls can wear skirts if they want, but nobody does. You want to be able to run around, you know?) and you can get reprimanded for not tucking in your shirts. So even though I do tuck my shirts in now (especially when I’m wearing a skirt), I still don’t like it.

So it’s ironic that on my day-off, I’m wearing my shirt tucked in. Ah, the things we do for a fashion challenge.

This is a cool mural near my apartment (it’s a framing business.) I thought it was a good match for my botanical print shirt

T-shirt: old, DIY (inspired by this tutorial)
Skirt: Calvin Klein, thrifted
Sandals: Payless, remixed
Belt: thrifted


The next Bloggers Do It Better challenge is maxi skirt. I’ve chickened out of the maxi Everybody Everywear challenge a couple of months ago, but since then I’ve been more and more interested in trying this out, and now I’ve got no excuse! Of course it means I had to break my shopping ban, but it’s been broken a long time ago so it doesn’t really matter 😛

I tried out a couple of skirts at my local thrift store just so see what shape I like, and in the end decided that I prefer the fuller silhouette (I always do.) Also because I’ve pinned this look (by Starr Crow of A Though Is The Blossom – doesn’t she have the coolest name ever?), plus it reminds me of something Frida Kahlo would wear. The only setback is that the full skirt looks much more casual than the straight one so I can’t wear it to work.

So yeah, I’ve finally broken the ice with the maxi!

Skirt: thrifted
T-shirt: thrifted, remixed
Cardigan: Wet Seal, thrifted
Sandals: Payless
Belt: thrifted