Geographic Print

Everybody may be talking about transitioning their wardrobe into fall, but it’s still freaking hot over here and fall is nowhere in sight – in fact, we’re only now entering our hurricane season, so fall won’t be here for at least another month. Which is why you find me in this very summery dress, still. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know I love a nature-themed print, especially anything botanical – it may have something to do with the fact that my dad is a biologist, a plant geneticist to be precise. The print on this dress is more graphic than my usual fare, but it has mountains and volcanos, which still satisfies my love for nature prints and also reminds me of my mom’s job as a geologist, so of course I had to snatch it up.

Pajamas For Work

I recently read this NPR article about the rise of the house dress as the epitome of “pandemic fashion”, which got me thinking about my own “pandemic fashion”. It’s true that I’ve been wearing a lot more dresses this summer – between the heat and the work schedule, dresses are just easier to throw on – but I wouldn’t say that the house dress has been my go-to. House dresses (dresses with loose, relaxed silhouettes usually made of natural fiber) are not my style anyway; I’m much more likely to reach for the shirtwaist dress. No, if I had a go-to comfort style, it would be the pajamas-disguised-as-work-clothes, like this outfit. The linen top and pants feel just like pajamas, but thanks to the embroideries on the top and their colors, they are still put-together enough for work, and during this crazy time, it’s exactly what I need.

The Cycle Of Clothes

I can’t seem to pair these pants with anything but botanical-themed top. In my defense, this T-shirt is getting pretty faded already, so I wanted to take it out for one last spin, so to speak, before retiring it to my “home” wardrobe – clothes that are old/out of style but still wearable, so I keep them to wear around the house or to run some quick errands if necessary. And then, when they get too old to be worn anymore, they’ll get turned into dust rags and cleaning cloths. That’s the life cycle of clothes in my house, and I think it’s much more economical and makes more sense than the whole Marie Kondo, “spark joy” mumbo-jumbo.

The thing about the Kondo method that rubs me the wrong way is that not all of us can afford to throw things away just because they no longer “spark joy”. Of course, if you can donate them, then by all means, do, but I think it’s better to find other ways for you to use them. I don’t need my things to spark joy. I just need them to be useful.

Oops, I Did It Again

“It” here means repeating an outfit, that is. I always find that it is one of the difficulties of running a personal style blog. In theory, you don’t have to worry about repeating outfits because your blog provides you with an archive of all your outfits, but in practice, you rarely think to check if you’ve worn the same outfit before, and usually don’t realize it’s a repeat until it’s up on the blog.

To be fair, it’s not an exact copy in this case – the shirt is different – but otherwise, it’s just like this outfit, even down to the belt. What can I say? These culottes work well with a white shirt and black sandals, and in my defence, I wore the other outfit over a year ago, so who can remember it, right?

Pink Gingham Shirt

I’ve been staring at this post for half an hour, not knowing what to name it, before deciding, “To hell with it, I’m just going to label it by whatever I’m wearing.” Sometimes, when it’s the end of the week and your mind is giving up on you, that’s all you can do. You want evidence for how gone my mind is? I initially typed that sentence as “its the end of the week and you’re mind is giving up”. I think that counts as a mini stroke.

Is it me, or does this outfit looks kind of 1950’s/1960’s? If the pants had a higher waist, I wouldn’t look out of place as a Mad Men extra (back when Don and Betty are still married and living in Ossining, of course.)