Too Hot

Hanoi just went through a record-breaking heatwave – 65 days of non-stop, scorching sun. We’ve had long heatwaves before, but those usually lasted just 10 days to two weeks, with some rain in between, but this year, it was relentless. But then again, everything has been so shitty this year, so why shouldn’t the weather be too, right?

Anyway, during the heatwave, this is what I usually wear. When it is really hot, I find pants much more cooling than dresses (no bike shorts to wear underneath!) and these camp-collar shirts are as comfy as pajama tops while still looking put-together. Looking at these photos now, I realize that the red shirt may look better tied instead of tucked into the jeans, but I’ve never successfully managed the tie-front look, so I just defaulted to tucking.

Blue Snail

Between all the earth tones this summer, it looks like I’m neglecting my favorite color – navy blue – a little bit. Well, here am I, rectifying that with another thrifted blue linen top. I paired it with my trusty blue printed culottes, which I’m still having trouble pairing with any top that is not blue or white, and added my snail brooch for a touch of interest. The real interest, though, is in the back – this top has a back of blue-striped cotton, so there was a bit of unintentional pattern mixing there too. Speaking of which, I haven’t tried my hands at pattern mixing in a while. I should get back into that.