Pajamas For Work

I recently read this NPR article about the rise of the house dress as the epitome of “pandemic fashion”, which got me thinking about my own “pandemic fashion”. It’s true that I’ve been wearing a lot more dresses this summer – between the heat and the work schedule, dresses are just easier to throw on – but I wouldn’t say that the house dress has been my go-to. House dresses (dresses with loose, relaxed silhouettes usually made of natural fiber) are not my style anyway; I’m much more likely to reach for the shirtwaist dress. No, if I had a go-to comfort style, it would be the pajamas-disguised-as-work-clothes, like this outfit. The linen top and pants feel just like pajamas, but thanks to the embroideries on the top and their colors, they are still put-together enough for work, and during this crazy time, it’s exactly what I need.

Errand Clothes

I just wore this to run a few errands, but then I caught a glimpse of myself in some store window and thought, hey, that doesn’t look half bad, maybe I should take some photos! It helps that I’m wearing my new embroidered top (the boutique where I buy most of my embroidered tops and linen pants just had their annual sale.) Usually when I run errands or go to the store, I just throw on whatever clean things that are lying around and are not pajamas, but this top is more or less like a linen T-shirt anyway, so I don’t feel so dressed up.

Do you guys have specific clothes for errands (not as nice as your work clothes but not as ratty as your wearing-around-the-house clothes), or do you just wear whatever’s on hand?

My cat wasn’t impressed