The Gold Bug

This week’s SIA outfit, inspired by the collaboration between French artist Hubert Duprat and the caddisflies, came together quite quickly for me. I just pulled out every gold or gold-accented piece I have in my closet – this blazer, this sweatshirt (the dots are gold), and these trousers (it doesn’t show up in the photos, but there are gold threads in the fabric). The only thing that required some thinking was the brooch. Should I go with my pearl brooch because it matches the pearls on the larval cases, or should I go with my silkworm/caterpillar brooch for the insect theme? In the end, I went with my silkworm brooch, because it’s more fun, but my pearl brooch would’ve absolutely worked as well.

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For this week’s SIA, inspired by Martha Berry’s gorgeous beadwork bags, I know I’d wear this belt. What to wear with it, however, proved to be a bit of a problem, because the belt only works with a solid-colored dress, and both of mine don’t quite work with it. By a stroke of luck, my sister gave me this dress – it’s not really my style (too boho for me), but it’s perfect for the challenge, since the eyelet embroidery is a great addition and reflection of the beadwork patterns.

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Her Majesty

I had an outfit all figured out for this week’s SIA, inspired by Lucien Freud’s portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II – something gray, something blue, something sparkly, bam, done. However, a change in the weather forced me to rethink the whole thing, so this is what I ended up with instead. There’s not a lot of gray, but I think my cardigan is still a good interpretation of the painting because it brings the texture to the outfit (something my original outfit doesn’t have; I was only going for the colors), like the texture of the oil paint, and the pattern can be seen as a nod to the design of the Queen’s tiara as well. So it may not be the outfit I’d planned, but an outfit I’m happy with.


This is what I wore to my department’s Lunar New Year party (we usually have the party after celebrating with our families, not before.) I knew I wanted something sparkly and festive but still comfy (gotta have room for all the party food!), so in the end, I went with this sweater and skirt combo. I like that the skirt has a slight metallic sheen to it that complements the sparkles of the sweater, but it’s subdued enough so they don’t compete with each other. I’d once considered getting this style of skirt in every color under the sun, including metallic gold, but now I’m glad I didn’t. It would’ve been too difficult to style.

The Big Five

I always try to keep my accessories in the same general “theme” as the rest of my outfit. The last time I wore this sweater, I paired it with a scarab beetle brooch because scarab beetles can often be found in a safari, and this time, I paired it with my leopard brooch as a nod to the “Big Five” safari animals – lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo. I also wore my alligator/crocodile boots – crocodile is not one of the Big Five, but they can be found in Africa too, so they’re still appropriate for the theme.

One of my own “Big Four” 😀 As usual, she’s quite uninterested in my photo-taking